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Online OpenSource RPG/Trading Game engine (Php and PhaserJs)


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Hi All,


The Engine I've built is here: https://github.com/Techbot/JiGS-PHP-RPG-engine


The game in action is here : http://eclecticmeme.com/   Very Very early rough raw etc etc


It's built with multiple views in mind (MVC) so I've built a main view using phaserJs. But I also built views using bootstrap,rafael, plain canvas, and a grid using the DOM.


Absolutely everything is configurable, so it can be turn based or realtime, cyberpunk, fantasy, trading game etc.


I'm looking to team up with anyone who loves rpgs particularly  cyberpunk ones. (Tho' my own instance is a cyberpunk/dadaists world inspired by William Burroughs as much as William Gibson.)





I augment the main game with interactive fiction using Twine.


Anyways if anyone is interested in helping or forking their own virtual world. Let me know what you think .



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I've added websockets, so I expect response time, player concurrency etc to improve. My next goal is server side asynchronous zombies,cyberorks etc using reactphp. This is new stuff to me so will be a bit slow, but it signifies phase two of the project.


Phase 1 was mostly about player interaction, Ajax, Mysql, Php and javascript were implemented to save user stats, allows objects to be bought and sold, players can move around etc. Complete games can easily be built from this phase of the engine.


Phase two is about server based AI, concurrent mobs and environmental events eg. earthquakes using the latest in async php. (and maybe some node too)


Meanwhile we are experimenting with new ways of presenting rpg narratives, gameplay and stats presentation in our own unique punk style.


I'm mainly looking to team up with somebody for a 2-3 month period on a rolling renewal basis. This is a huge ongoing project and I wouldn't want anyone to overcommit.


What do you get in return?

  1. All the code is open source, so you can copy it and do what you will. Since I wrote the code, you'll get first hand tech support if you decide to build your own.
  2. You also keep whatever input you give as long as I'm still free to use it. Creative Commons for art/text or Gnu/gpl for code.
  3. Name added to the credits list.
  4. A lot of fun building a HUGE game


The game is already well developed so you can go see what you think beforehand, I've been working on it at weekends for four years (I think).



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