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  1. Within the dynamic landscape of the gaming industry, various innovations have revolutionized the gaming experience. Among these advancements, LiveOps stands out as a crucial element that has reshaped the game monetization process. LiveOps seamlessly integrates development, operations, and real-time player engagement. This article explores the essentials of LiveOps, discusses its significance in the gaming sector, and outlines some of the most effective LiveOps practices for optimizing outcomes. Understanding LiveOps LiveOps, short for Live Operations, refers to updates or modifications introduced to a game while it is live. It enables the correction of glitches or bugs during the game's progression, eliminating the need for a new upgraded version. By continuously adding upgrades, LiveOps enhances user retention and increases engagement rates. Evolution of LiveOps In the past, the concept of LiveOps was impractical with traditional gaming consoles, as fixing bugs during gameplay was challenging. The shift from physical discs to digital platforms, however, enabled LiveOps to evolve from bug fixes to a customer-centric service, improving user experience and facilitating game monetization. Symbiosis of Gaming and LiveOps LiveOps has significantly enhanced gaming experiences, contributing to the success of online games. According to the 2023 State of Mobile Gaming report by Sensor Tower, games with LiveOps generate 30 times more revenue than those without. LiveOps fosters a sense of community among players through direct engagement, crucial for the success of mobile games relying on retention and in-app purchases. Advantages of LiveOps for Developers and Publishers LiveOps has become an integral part of mobile games, providing numerous benefits for app developers. This section outlines LiveOps's role in user acquisition, player retention, increased engagement, monetization opportunities, and iterative game development. Community Building LiveOps in mobile games facilitates seamless communication between players and developers, fostering a positive relationship by addressing player feedback swiftly. Types of LiveOps LiveOps takes various forms to encourage users to return, engage, or re-engage with an app. The six primary forms include introducing new content, time-sensitive events, in-app purchase bundles, enhanced user support, A/B testing capabilities, and in-app promotions. Selecting the Right LiveOps Tool Choosing the appropriate LiveOps tool is crucial for effective game monetization. Developers and publishers should consider factors such as compatibility with the game engine technology stack, features, ease of integration, robust analytics, scalability, and integration with multiple monetization solutions. Top 4 LiveOps Tools While numerous LiveOps tools are available, developers should familiarize themselves with the top four: Unity Analytics PlayFab Firebase Photon Challenges Associated with LiveOps Despite its benefits, LiveOps poses some challenges, including increased development time, data privacy concerns, and technical complexity. Key Takeaways In navigating the ever-changing gaming landscape, game developers should recognize the significance of LiveOps as a strategy to distinguish themselves, engage players, and optimize monetization. From sustained engagement to data-driven decision-making, LiveOps serves as a catalyst for an unparalleled gaming experience, shaping the future of gaming for those who integrate it into their monetization strategy.
  2. Ahoy pirates ! 🦜 We are a young team of passionate and independent developers currently working on a MMORPG, "Legends of Seven Seas". Legends of Seven Seas is a game taking place in the era of the pirates mythology. Inspired by the old (but gold) visual era of games such as Age of Empires, Legends of Seven Seas innovates the genre by offering a unique PvP and competitive experience based on player’s skills. Build your ship, recruit pirates, fight bosses, conquer new islands, complete a lot of achievements and be the most notorious pirate of the Seven Seas ! Future Upcoming Features will include : Better Quests, World Events, Deep Guild Hideout Customization, Seasons ranking system, PVP Raid system…etc! More information in our road map! Become a pirate now, adventure awaits ! The game is currently in alpha but our community is our priority. We are actively working on improving the game. New content is added frequently and events are held regularly. If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to share it with us in our discord ! Support us on : Discord: https://discord.gg/xnXcmqPJ Twitter: https://twitter.com/LegendsOf7Seas IGDB: https://www.igdb.com/games/legends-of-seven-seas Website: https://legendsofsevenseas.com/
  3. Hi everyone! Before anything I wasn't sure if this was the correct place to post this, please moderators move it as you consider if this should go to some other place like Projects and Demos. https://github.com/damian-pastorini/dwdgame Also, please consider that this is my first implementation ever! I've never used neither Node.js, even less Parcel, Colyseus or Phaser, my world before this first incursion in game development was all about PHP and Magento, so that should give you an idea from where I'm coming. This quite awful but working example took me 75hs, including the time I've used for research and for decide which platform use for the server and the client. After all the research, Node + Colyseus and Phaser 3 looked as the better start point since I was familiar with JS and HTML of course but had zero knowledge about Unity (the other option I would like to use), but I've prefered make the learn curve not so slow. So.... This is a really simple base MMORPG game created based on the Colyseus samples: https://github.com/gamestdio/colyseus-examples And on the Phaser 3 implementation from Jacky Rusly: https://github.com/jackyrusly/jrgame As you will see I've considerable modified how the jrgame was interacting with Socket.io in order to make it works as how the Colyseus example was working, I've thought that was the better way to do it (follow up on server ready samples and break apart the client sorry Jacky!) The game basics are login through DB, loader, scene change, players sync, but nothing like chat, items, or attacks was implemented here (so far). Here's the link to the repo: https://github.com/damian-pastorini/dwdgame Please feel free to create any tickets or pull requests for questions, fixes or improvements, I would love to get good feedback! I don't have a public link to show it yet but I'm planning to create a dev server soon (for now you will need to install it and run it to see it), at the end it will look like: https://jrgame.herokuapp.com But you will see the login screen first which in the server side will connect to the DB and all the players sync was done with Colyseus. I saw comments from people looking for Colyseus integrated with a DB engine (in this case I've chosen MySQL), so at least that part should be useful. I really hope this help more than one person, maybe someone like me who would love to get this as starting point. Best, Damian Reply
  4. Hello, just wanted to share some of the progress on a HTML5 MMORPG game I'm developing. It's still in early stages and progressing well. It's called Elvarion. Here's a sneak peak video of the smooth per pixel movement, attack from a projectile generated server side with particle effects. Technology used Animations - PIXI.js animations (been thinking about Spine... but maybe later) Rendering - PIXI.js - PIXI.js particle effects - WebGL Sound - Howler Language - Javascript and Node Map Editor - Tiled Network - Socket.io - Nengi.js DB - MongoDB You can find us on Discord or on reddit. Thanks!
  5. Hello! I got referred to this forum by someone in a Discord that I'm on, didn't realize there was a community for browser-based developers! I've been working on Genfanad (Generic Fantasy Adventure) for a couple of years now, and while very buggy, it's almost completely playable -- I've run a few alpha tests with dozens of people online and interacting at once. Tech-wise, it's as simple as possible. Vanilla JS, Three.JS for graphics, Socket.io for networking, and not really anything else. As you can probably tell, it's directly inspired by Runescape Classic -- an MMO that launched as a Java Applet in the browser in 2001. I'm taking cues from it -- play from anywhere in a browser, simple UI and controls, bright and colorful graphics, and an emphasis on building new content quickly! The splash site is found at http://genfanad.com/. If you're interested in chatting or trying the alpha, please feel free to join our discord (https://discord.gg/uN3Vvsv)! I can answer any questions you'd like.
  6. Hello everyone, I hope you like isometric pixelart games, because this is one of them,. I grow up in the early 00' "playing" habbo hotel, and I really enjoyed the art behind this "social network" (yes, it is), so I decide on 2014 to create my own game, but I had several medical issues between 2014 and 2017. So at the beginning of the year I started the project again,with pixi.js... and that's it. I want to make a MMORPG. I played runescape a lot, years ago, but I want to create a original content, with not much influence from current mmorpg's, and I accept all kind of help and ideas. The game is currently in a closed INDEV, but in some moments, I send codes in the official discord (currently in spanish). twitter: http://twitter.com/voidpixel/ discord: http://voidpixel.net/ game: http://alpha.voidpixel.net/ github issue tracker: http://github.com/voidpixel/game/ I hope you like it. ❤️
  7. Hello, I announce the release of Web Game Editor. More info here: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/39884-web-game-editor-mmorpg/ Link of the site:=> http://www.web-game-editor.actifgames.com/ To download the editor you must be registered on the site. Feel free to consult the manual and tutorials videos or ask questions on the forum. You welcome. I hope you like this new version. There is still work to be done, but this version is more accomplished than the previous ones. Be sure that I will make every effort to make this editor as functional as possible with regular updates. Have fun. Some pictures:
  8. Hello, I'm proud to talk about version 2 of my MMORPG editor (FR and ENG) that I renamed to "Web Game Editor" instead of "HeroonEngine" which was a name that looked too much like another existing editor. This version 2 comes with a new, more modern, community-based website. It will be possible to find a manual and video tutorials for getting started, as well as a shop and a forum (FR and ENG). The editor has undergone many improvements, new features and various fixes to make it more stable, more functional and more successful. Some things have been totally rewritten. It will come with a small Integer demo that contains two terrain and plenty of media on offer. I should hopefully release version 2 in the month and make an announcement of its release. For the moment I present it here. I have been working on this editor for years since BabylonJS was born. The editor has been renamed 4 times and rewritten 3 times totally and this name is the last change. Content and features: Here is some screenshot:
  9. Hey guys, My name is Mike and I'm from Korea. Me and 14 other guys are making a HTML5 MMORPG called "Mad World". Here's its trailer. And here's rain animation The game has all the familiar features of MMORPGs but the combat is more face-paced. It has hand-drawn artstyle like you see here. I will be posting some updates here from now on, and maybe some development tips we learn along the way. We want to be a pioneer in the area HTML5 in Korea which is still very new in the country. We want to make it available worldwide by the end of 2018, so we still have a long way to go. Any feedback is welcome by the way. Thanks and let me know what you think of the game! For more information on the game, you can visit our website: www.jandisoft.com or follow us on Facebook Twitter Youtube Here's the latest update We are throwing an in-game Halloween event next week from October 30th to November 1st. Anyone interested here's a link to the game. http://halloween.madworldmmo.com/ We will open the server during the event time. Hope we see you guys there. =) Here's a wip customization system,. Oh, and we recently opened a forum. Come by and say hello if you're interested. =)
  10. STEIN.WORLD Link: https://stein.world/ About: Stein.world is a MMO Role-Playing Game you can play right in your browser. You can play as a lone wolf or in a group of friends to explore the fantasy world of Stein. Complete quests and fight against monsters to level up and compete in the rankings of our dungeons. In the game you start as a character who wakes up after a night of heavy drinking, in which he has lost his family stein (beer mug). To get this precious item back you start to explore the world to find clues where your stein could be. In the progress you gear up, complete hundreds of quests and fight in dungeons like the Cygluln Chambers where waves of enemies await you. How to Play: Register on the page and start playing right away. Move your character around with typical "WASD" or Arrow Key movement. Interact with objects or NPCs by pressing "E". Change the orientation of your character and aim ranged attacks with your mouse. If you don't like any of the default configurations, just change them in the options window. Features: - Persistent fantasy world - Hundreds of quests with many different objectives - Hundreds of Items - Millions of Equipment variations - Group function - Wave Dungeons - Ranking System Upcoming Features: - Professions system (gathering and crafting) - Dungeons - Guild system - Bossfights - Friendlist - Mounts & Pets - PvP system (battlegrounds and open world pvp) - Housing with farming https://stein.world/
  11. Mad World is Opening Halloween Event. And You can connect with Only Click http://halloween.madworldmmo.com Please Enjoy Now Many user playing and tomorrow We will be More Contents like Inventory, Levelup, New Boss, New Maps and more we are opening events. please check FACEBOOK Please https://www.facebook.com/JANDISOFT thx a lot You can check More Info Here Check More Infomation here please ^^ d
  12. Hey guys, today we finally launched our game Morterra! Morterra is an online survival game set at the dawn of man. You awake with absolutely nothing and must find food, water, and protection from others. You will need tools to build a base to protect yourself, armors to defend against attacks, and weapons to fight back. You will eventually grow tired and need to sleep. However, while you sleep you are still vulnerable to attacks, so you must build adequate protection for yourself to survive the night. The world contains no edges, no "safe-zones" (other than bases you build for yourself), and players can construct/destruct at their own will, but be conscious of whose stuff you destroy! Morterra was originally written in Java from around 2013-2015, with the intention of being a browser-based game. Once Chrome and other popular browsers disabled Java Applet embedding, it became apparent that Javascript would be the only option moving forward. We started re-writing the entire project in Javascript back in May. 6 months later, and we finally have something hosted and ready to be played! Check out some pictures of our new and improved game! This is our newly renovated login screen/front page to our website. This is a picture of our renovated UI. Still a work in progress, but it's an improvement! If you're still reading, check out the game! It's great to see new faces, even if you're just going to try and kill everyone! If you're interested in staying up to date, we also recently created some social media accounts to stay connected with our fan base! Follow Us: Instagram: @Morterra Twitter: @MorterraMMORPG Facebook: Morterra With converting to browse, we also managed to gain a bunch of new features! I will list some of the most notable ones, and let you find the rest for yourself! New Features: - High scores page (Try it: Morterra high scores) - Mini map - Music (Credits: About Morterra) Plans for the future: - Convert to 3D - Add SoundFX - Become the best new browser game of 2018 Thank you for reading! Be sure to check us out, and let me know what you think! Play now: Morterra - Online Browser Survival Game
  13. GAME COMPETITION On 1st August at exactly midnight UTC we will be doing a complete wipe of all users for a new update. The for the Users who reach to level 70 first we will be awarding them a cash prize via PayPal. Entrance is absolutely free. 1st. $100 USD 2nd and 3rd: $50 USD You may play on a shared account however we will not be held responsible if items go missing etc. Cheating in-game will not be tolerated for this competition and fair play rules will be in-place. You may ask why we are running this competition. Well there is a couple reasons, for one we want to stress test the server under a higher load than just a few players. We also want people who have never played the game to get a feel for it and hopefully become long-term players. If your not familiar with the game start playing now to get a feel for the mechanics, however the update may change a few things at our discretion. Happy gaming everyone!! [Beta] MaEarth Platforms: Browser/Android Game checkout Google Play Store . Game Link: http://www.maearth.com Description: Retro-based overhead 2D tile based MMORPG. Original based off Browser Quest, the source of Airasky and Tap Tap Adventure. MaEarth puts you in a world full of monsters roaming the lands where users level up, quest by hunting specific monster and collect/buy weapons and armor. The PvP Server the monsters are stronger and you are pitted against the other side of players. It is weighted and auto selects which side you are on for balanced PvP play. Forums: http://maearth.com/forums Will put up some Screenshots soon. Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVc71mr8WP4&t=27s
  14. Hi, we are small game develop studio called Drunken Monday. We are only two people and during the last year we developed a cross-platform multiplayer game: Slash Arena. And we're almost done. We are glad to present you our game: Massively multiplayer online battles with swords and axes. Simple arcade action! Dodge the attack and choose a perfect time to strike. Upgrade your weapon, slash enemies, collect resources and reach the top! Battle Modes: ★ Deathmatch — Player vs All mode for 30 players. Score the highest damage and survive to win. ★ Arena 1vs1 — ranking duel for hardcore players. Your skills mean more than your high-level weapon. Features: ★ Rapid battles. Play 5 minutes or 5 hours. It’s all up to you! ★ Swing your hammer and make 'em fly! Damage is calculated according to physical laws. Timing and distance matter! ★ Two types of attack — enough to make your enemy suffer from a painful combo! Master your skills. ★ Separate ratings for each Battle Mode. Monitor your progress. ★ Monthly rewards for the best players. Earn a pile of resources and unique character portraits. ★ Daily tasks. See if you can cope with them! >:] ★ Three characters with unique weapons and fighting styles. More characters are coming soon! ★ More than 30 upgrade levels for each character’s weapon and armor. Start with a simple leather jacket and get to the legendary royal armor! ★ Character’s appearance changes each 3 levels. Everyone will see how cool you are! Game available on: Facebook, it passed greenlight and coming on Steam, soft-launched on GooglePlay and AppStorein Russia ( If you contact us we will send you .apk or testflight invitation ). Also take a look at Slash Arena: Online and Drunken Monday web sites. We will be glad to hear your opinion!
  15. First and foremost Guild Tycoon is a game where a player controls a set of characters, provides them with equipment, and sends them off to fight in dungeons awaiting their hopefully successful return with wonderful loot. Players over decades have seen this type of system in many different iterations from Diablo, to World of Warcraft, to, well…, Guild Tycoon! Personally, I adore games like Diablo and World of Warcraft where players can fight through battles and improve their characters to access forever expanding content within the game. However, I found that I grew somewhat wearisome of the required investment of active time to progress. My thought, and basis for the game, is that players can get similar levels of enjoyment out of an experience that automates some of the tasks that would otherwise need to be controlled directly. I wanted to build a game where players set actions for their characters, game administrators set actions for enemies in dungeons, and a server runs a fight based on a set of rules and returns the result. It's not much to look at yet, but it's taken quite a bit of work to get to this point! I have since scrapped that original GUI, which was built on DotVVM, for the not-as-popular-as-the-original version of Angular. The server is built using ASP.NET Core, and the information is stored in a Microsoft SQL database. Everything is hosted in Azure. DotVVM, Angular, and ASP.NET Core are all types of frameworks. I think it's best to conceptualize frameworks as toolboxes. They contain everything you need in order to build a specific type of software. As an electrician needs a different set of tools than a painter, developers need different frameworks specialized for certain purposes. This analogy breaks down a bit as you dive into the specifics since frameworks are usually designed to be fairly malleable. I started with DotVVM because it is a framework built on .NET. It’s specialty is building GUIs. It uses coding languages I was already familiar with, C#. Since I had never built a GUI before, using a familiar language was a comforting idea. However, I quickly found out that when I ran into issues, I couldn’t figure out how to resolve them. Most of the popular online outlets for help in the software world also had almost nothing on DotVVM. After hours and hours of frustration, I decided I should just bite the bullet and learn a completely new language and a completely new framework that was better supported, had a larger community and was vetted by larger entities that already use the framework for their products. This would be more work upfront, but down the road would eventually pay off. Before jumping over to Angular, I decided to give another framework a shot. I had heard some good things about Aurelia, and (unless I’m mistaken) it is headed by someone who left the team that created Angular. I was able to stand up the basic example quickly, but as soon as I wanted to add my own authentication system I ran into issues. I looked through the documentation and spent hours online troubleshooting my issue, but I couldn’t resolve it. This left me to consider two remaining options, React and Angular. I looked at both, but to be perfectly honest, I decided to try Angular because the “Getting Started” tutorial was pretty much my game. Fortunately, I did not have to go through as much struggle in order to decide on the right framework for the server. My dayjob already uses .NET MVC for our backend, so I knew I could stick with that. The difference is that I decided to upgrade to .NET Core, mainly because it is far simpler to implement a custom authentication system. SQL databases have been around for decades, and I didn’t necessarily want to spend more time learning yet another system for saving information unless there was a compelling need, so I stuck with the traditional approach. To communicate between .NET Core server and the SQL server I did decide to select Dapper, which is a tool that is gaining popularity over Entity Framework. The difference between Entity Framework and Dapper is that Entity Framework is designed to try to encompass all possible needs for interacting with a SQL server into a single package whereas Dapper takes the approach that each development team should build their interaction with SQL to exactly suit their needs. It's also completely open source: Front end , back end
  16. Dakara Online is a medieval MMORPG made using PIXIjs, jqueryui, howlerjs and much more. The source code is available, the client is released under the MIT license and the server under the GPL. Its based on an argentinian MMORPG called Argentum Online. GAME LINK: http://web.dakara.com.ar/ SOURCE CODE LINK: https://github.com/horacioMartinez/dakara-client
  17. Not made by me http://www.rainingchain.com A free to play, no pay to win, HTML5 MMORPG built from basically scratch(w/pixijs and a few other components). "a unique 4th wall breaking, open world, rpg" "rc", the creator is on often and he also makes html5 game programming tutorials so be sure to check out his youtube channel. Permission to post this was granted by the creator.
  18. Elavavator

    starcraft maps

    Hi, im new to the forums. I recently came across this opensource game, browserquest, and i thought how better to learn how to program a game by playing with its insides. However, I dont know where to begin when it comes to what tools Im going to need to look at the code and such. btw the title is from how i learned to make some pretty cool technical maps on starcraft back in the day by just playing with other peoples maps and learning from that.
  19. I've been working on pixel quest for a few months now and I wanted to showcase it for the first time! The game is more of a proof of concept rather than a full commercial game but I would appreciate any feedback on usability or anything you feel i need to add / adjust. Hopefully this game is something a little different for the phaser community and I hope you like what I've come up with so far! Play Link Back Soon! Credits coming soon!
  20. Hello, I would like to introduce you my tilebased MMORPG project called Darkenlight. This game is still in development, already hosted and playable but I will not open it until all features from my alpha-version checklist is done but I would like to have some ideas and oppinions from all of you as It is my first HTML5 game project. So lets start .. First of all - something about me (you can skip this section I am ok with it) I am 30 yrs old Java webdeveloper and I was raised on Dungeon&Dragons, Warhammer (tabletop game with miniatures), Ultima Online and all of these cool things. As time progressed I was becoming more and more disappointed with all these new WoW clones with endless grinding and continually progressing characters without any sort of adrenaline, fear of losing something and focus on mass battles where numbers > skills. I have found myself bored and unable to find any MMO that will bring as much fun as Ultima Online did in past years. Thats why I have decided to make some MMO by myself utilizing all these year of PC and pen&paper RPG experiences. History - what did I do by now I have started with Darkenlight almost 6 years ago - In first incarnation I have used just HTML+AJAX with auto-refreshing. It was ugly, slow and absolutely non-scalable. About two years later I have tried to do Applet client which was much better in terms of responsiveness and user experience but it was so time-consuming and trend was pointing towards mobile devices which doesnt support Applets so I have started all oover again - after 3 years of appleting. Finally in november 2014 (one year ago) I have started HTML5 project with Tomcat Server (I had some graphics and server code from former iterations) and finally I have technology stack I am satisfied with. Game - what it is supposed to be at the end Darkenlight will be classic tilebased MMO - in Ultima Online style with more user-friendly UI offcourse. I focus heavily on complex combat mechanics that rewards positioning, timing and good gear selection over simple Number1 > Number2 = WIN as many of modern games are doing. It will be described better on game website I am currently working on. Game is supposed to be played in smaller parties as it used to be earlier like party of 5 people runing dungeon for several hours just to die near the end or find valuable treasure if nothing goes wrong. I am not friend of all that raid parties of 100 people steamrolling everything pushing F1 and F2 untill everything is over. If you die in Darkenlight, you will drop your gear .. on the other hand, obtaining some basic gear to be usefull character dont take weeks of endless grinding here. Just as it was in older MMOs .. easy come - easy go. As sandbox-like game, there is probably not going to be strict story line and quests (who still enjoy quests like kill X of Y mobs and come back then ?) There will be some "class specific quests" to obtain masteries or some special items. I have much more ideas but who cares now .. lets see what I already have done Game - what is done already Character - Classes (warrior, ranger, priest, firemage) - Experience / Leveling - Skills (skills are trained by using them and they are limited by your class / level - for example as lvl 10 warrior you can have Macefighting at 20.0 max.) - Weapons (swords, maces, polearms, axes, bows, spears) - 250 weapons currently - Armors (leather, chainmail, ringmail, banded, plate, fullplate, shields) - 315 armors currently - Spells (firemage and priest spells) - Affects (spell effects, slow, poison, potion effects .. Crafting - We have 5 gathering skills - Mining, Lumberjacking, Herbalism, Fishing, Hunting - We can craft weapons, armor, bows and cooking food - Enchanting and potion making is coming soon (this week maybe) NPC - We have blacksmith, craftsman, healer (healer provide ressurection, bandages and potions) and banker - Guards are already here to protect players against wandering monsters of evil (red) PK players Gameplay - Party system (sharing experience and gold from loot) - Healing with bandages, potions or spells (priest) - PVP is already possible with criminal (aggressor) and PK flagging UI - I have two versions of UI - one optimized for play on PC (keyboard + mouse) and one for touchscreen devices (touch device UI is displayed on last screenshot) - Tested on PC, Samsung Galaxy S3 (chrome browser), IPAD (Safari browser) - PIXI library is used to utilize hardware acceleration - Particle effects for elemental attacks, spells, campfires .. World - World consists now of one village location with NPCs and guards, one goblin fort, one mid-sized dungeon, several smaller caves and plenty of outdoor locations - Until game opening I am going to have locations to play until level 20 (character´s max level is 50) Game - How does it all look like Are you tired of all that reading ? I know it is boring, my english could be better and at the end of the day .. who cares about words. I have uploaded some screenshot below and I made one short video of actual gameplay and you are welcome to visit it on link below. Sorry for bad quality, I am not good at this, youtube reduced quality so badly. Note: In latest versions, characters turn left/right and behind (it is to be seen on last two screenshots) and they are moving smoothly now (not tile-by-tile like in video). This video is several months old but it didnt change much until now. Why do I post here all of this ? As I am close to finish everything I want to open the game to wider audience of non-developer people, I am curious what will other developers think about such project. I will be thankful for all suggestions of improvements and such. Actually as I am solo developer, my main problem is graphics as I struggle so much to draw something. I will be more than happy if I will be able to find someone who would like to participate on Darkenlight and could help me with artwork. I will need better looking worldmap and lot of objects to place into my world (you know, all that trees, stones, pillars, bonepiles ...) What will be in future ? Who knows .. it will depend on reactions of players when game will be opened. If I will find enough of interested players I would build remaining parts of the world and coding features that are not yet implemented while game will be runing. In further future I would like to have native clients to support animations and better graphics (but it is too far from now)
  21. Hi All, The Engine I've built is here: https://github.com/Techbot/JiGS-PHP-RPG-engine The game in action is here : http://eclecticmeme.com/ Very Very early rough raw etc etc It's built with multiple views in mind (MVC) so I've built a main view using phaserJs. But I also built views using bootstrap,rafael, plain canvas, and a grid using the DOM. Absolutely everything is configurable, so it can be turn based or realtime, cyberpunk, fantasy, trading game etc. I'm looking to team up with anyone who loves rpgs particularly cyberpunk ones. (Tho' my own instance is a cyberpunk/dadaists world inspired by William Burroughs as much as William Gibson.) I augment the main game with interactive fiction using Twine. Anyways if anyone is interested in helping or forking their own virtual world. Let me know what you think . Thanks.
  22. Hello everyone, I want to keep this short, I am mainly making this post to seek encouragement to continue in the development of my game, I have an extremely hard time focusing on the game at this point and it is nearly 1 year in development (not daily of course). Server: Node.JS Long story short, I am developing an MMORPG which will be majorly based around PvP (Player vs. Player). The game plays a lot like Realm of the Mad God, which is a real-time click-to-shoot MMORPG. Included will be a lot of PvE (Player vs. Environment/Enemy), bosses, and skills such as Mining, Black Smithing and Enchanting. Items are randomly generated when they are dropped by enemies, allowing a near-infinite end-game, alongside with the infinite number of combinations of skillsets a player can have. Here are some screenshots. Please note that these graphics are placeholders. Warrior Abilities (incomplete): Items: Other features: -Multiplayer -Seemless map changing -NPC Pathfinding/Following -Equipping items (No equipment interface yet) -Ability projectiles, ability cooldowns -Ability key settings -Items/NPCs/Ability systems created to load externally for easy changing -All interfaces movable and re-sizable for user friendliness. To finish before pre-alpha testing: -Warrior, Rogue, and Wizard classes complete and balanced -Shop system for buying/selling -Equipment interface -More maps, monsters, items, and bosses (fun stuff) -New user registration with password recovery by email -Player trading (maybe) -May be forgetting something Have only tested with 1 other player online, but the gameplay seems to run smooth and combat isn't "laggy" for people even halfway across the world. Let me know what you think, what I should improve on, etc. Thank you very much for checking it out! If you're interested in checking out the game when it's ready to be played, send me your email or something in a PM!
  23. Hey All, Im currently working on a browser based 2D ORPG development platform called Powder Engine. Im here to show it off and grab some feedback and whatnot. Here are some screenshots of a test game I have been building with it, you can also find a live playable version at http://www.powderengine.net/testbed showcasing currently v0.63. Ive made a couple of youtube videos that demonstrate how to use the engine. The engine still needs a lot of work at the moment so I apologize for any bugs. I'd actually appreciate it if you spot any and how to reproduce, just so I can fix as many as I can. Please see videos in order below to get a good idea of the current engine features. Thanks for your time
  24. Hello, We’re 2 girls from Sweden who are starting a game company, one of us is a beginner front end web developer and the other is studiyng marketing. One of our goals is making a mmorpg for the web targeting young people with an idea that we’ve planned for more than a year now. Our game will be more simple than the typical mmorpg game is today but we want it to be isometric and web-based. We want to make an online multiplayer where you play as an animal and chat with other people, you walk around in a pixelated world together and have something similar to levels and exp (but simplified), we already have a pixel artist and are using vBulletin for the community but we need a back end programmer who have knowledge in server programming and game programming in general. Our game will be released in swedish, norweigan and danish because we already have some interest from these countries and maybe an english release far in the future (if everything goes well and people are interested). We are looking for a programmer who knows how to build server and database connections in a safe way and have knowledge about Unity or Isogenic engine (C# or javascript/canvas). If you’re a programmer and want to be part of a great project and are just waiting for something to do then feel free to contact us! If you have any questions you can send us an email as well. [email protected] /Allie and Emy
  25. Hi everyone first than ever thanks a lot for help me with mi problems and again i'm sorry for my english i'm latin american and i'm learning. And now i'm here by a reason, i'm working in a multiplayer RPG, i started programing at 0 using Nodejs/WebSockets, now i have the basic functions like: -Walk with a character -Inventori,Status etc.. -Chat But now i'm thinking in the maps, and i'm really confused about this, i mean a map must to have like all the size of the screen(window.width & window,height), but that's the problem, i don't know... I mean, i have to make like 250 maps with that size, i mean, drawing or making on photoshop, or exist another method to make the map system, i don't know. So if someone has worked with rpg and maps, please help me with this.
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