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Skybox rendering error in Chrome


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Hello good people!


I am experiencing some weird behavior in chrome and was wondering if anyone can help explain the situation.

When using a CubeTexture für a SkyBox, the corners of the skybox are rendered incorrectly in Chrome. FF and IE both work wonderfully.


This is chrome:



This is random. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. Today it does! :-)

I am using the latest Chrome 43 build, 64bit.



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On the playground, here is what I have with Chrome 43:






It depends on the orientation of the box...

This is exactly what I get.

I thought I am doing something wrong, but it seems like Chrome has this problem. But really - it is random. a week ago I upgraded chrome and it went away, and now it is back. 

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I don't get the artifact you are seeing Raanan - either in Chrome (ver 43.0.2)or FF (ver 38.0.1).


However, I do get a seam as in image below in both browsers - but that may be the textures themselves.


cheers, gryff :)


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I confirm that I had this problem too. but now I use a sphere which avoids having this kind of problem. I abandon the skybox, because I find it too uses textures (6) in addition to artifacts.
This might be an idea to Babylon, rather than create a skybox create a skysphere. need to use 6 textures, 1 sufficient.The sky load faster and would more artifacts  :)


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