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Horizontal Align Problem with Phaser 2.3


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Hi there,


I have just updated my games with the latest Phaser 2.3, but it seem now my games will not horizontally aligned to Center like usual, it just stay left aligned. Vertical align has no problem though.

Do anyone have problem like this with Phaser 2.3? 


My css in index.html:

		body {			margin: 0;			padding: 0;			background-color: #1d4633;		}		canvas {			padding-left:0;			padding-right:0;			margin-left:auto;			margin-right:auto;			display:block;			width:100%;		}

My scaling and align code in boot.js:

this.stage.backgroundColor = '#1d4633';this.scale.scaleMode = Phaser.ScaleManager.SHOW_ALL;this.scale.pageAlignHorizontally = true;this.scale.pageAlignVertically = true;

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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I have tried too icp, unfortunately that doesn't work :(

Thanks for the help though, been pulling my hair for several hours now.


I just don't understand, how this thing (aligning) that worked flawesly before, suddenly changed now... 

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@drhayes: Wow, you are right! I must use ONLY the CSS or the horizontalAlign = true; to make it work.

I think that make it easier for new user of Phaser, but it certainly confuse old timer like me who has limited knowledge of CSS and only use old template that works without problem before.


Thanks for the help drhayes! :)

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