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Which game engine is recommended for true cross platform development


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Hello all

my question is to general i know , coming from other programming discipline i know very well that there are no 1 total solution for cross platform problem .
but from your development experience what is the must used engine that is used to build games both on mobile / web .

any if you can please share with recommended blogs or tutorials which show the process of such development . 
so i can learn .

thanks allot .

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Well, from my experience you could go Haxe + OpenFL (http://www.openfl.org/). Which is completely cross-platform (consoles included) and create true native apps, html5 and mobile included.


Now if it's just mobile + web, then pixijs and cocoon or cordova for mobiles should do the trick though the mobile ports won't be make a native game.

And if one day you need desktop as well you can still use node-webkit to package your web game. 


Hope this helps :)

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thanks for your replay , well Haxe and openFL are great but i will like more control and simple engine , more like cross platform render something like SDL 
also one more question , is there any stats on what is the most used html5 engine ?
or how many games done in engine x/y? or the largest ecosystem ? some parameters to feel the real world ....

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Thanks @True Valhalla you  have great Blog , i wish there where more like yours ..  , but im looking for source code framework not game maker type of apps .

im coming from those c++ engines ( this one is based on urho3d game engine which is great engine ) .  all included engine ( c++ / desktop / mobile / web ) are never good solution . 

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