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New responsive BabylonJS website: I need your tests :)


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Hi my lovely Babylon.js community,


    I’ve just finished building the full responsive version of our BabylonJS website. It’s currently there: http://babylonjs.com/index_res.html. I’m using Flexbox (in a very specific way), Media Queries, SVG & CSS Transitions.


 Can you please test it in your favorite desktop browsers resizing the window size and even more importantly, can you please test it on your android & iOS device (portrait & landscape mode) and provide feedback?


Thanks! :)



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Just tested Mansion on 2 devices.

On Sony Xperia V3http://www.devicespecifications.com/en/model/ab922b5e, Android 5:

fps: Portrait  31-35, Landsacpe 17-22

All cameras, except gamepad worked, no hardware

Any post process, either Anaglyph or others dropped fps almost in half


On Apple iPad Air 2http://www.devicespecifications.com/en/model/ad8a3023, iOS 8.3:

fps: Portrait 40-42, Landscape 34-36

All cameras, except gamepad worked, no hardware

Full screen does not work, sound does not work


Liked the user settable cameras, but built into the system, not just a website.


EDIT: forgot to test VR device orientation.  Did not move Apple & Sony no matter how I oriented it.  Isn't this just an interpreter of device orientation input?

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Thanks for your feedback.


@RaananW: this is what I'd like to do in landscape mode. Removing the logo helps to gain some space. Can you please explain a bit more the issue with the links? Can you do a screenshot?


@JCPalmer: thanks. I've just updated the main html & css content. This shouldn't have any impact on babylonjs engine itself. I haven't finished designing the control panels yet in responsive mode.

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Tested on UHD resolution, it is generally OK (up to 9 little thumbnails, it looks nice), but some of the thumbnails just don't have enough resolution.

When 3 thumbnails are on screen, it's ok. Maybe you should limit thumbnails to 3/row at high resolutions.


Generally a lot of (shader heavy) examples, like depth of field (30FPS), volumetric light scattering (45FPS) are working between 30-50FPS, cool!

Cell shading, convolution at 60fps, all others are running at 50-60fps.

(Radeon 7970)


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David,  Please see update for my first post.  Was wondering if you could add 2 additional cameras: StereoscopicArcRotateCamera one with isSideBySide false, the other true?


I still have my 3D test scene, but having these would relieve some of the overhead to improving the quality.  Using the "Vousk" method, you do not even need a 3D device to judge quality.  Having the extra scenes, would be very helpful.


On another front, you are just working within 2.1 to achieve the camera switch.  One thing I have been think about is making scenes where the end user / customer can determine both the 3D renderer & the input device independently.  Splitting input from camera would allow customers to pick based on the hardware they have.  Are they on a tablet?  Do they have a 3D tv, or VR/AR headset?  Can they attach a gamepad?  There is no StereoscopicGamePadCamera, but there would not need to be one.  You could still have convenience classes, if the programmer wishes to set the camera at design time.


Refactoring input devices already partially exists in the tools, but you cannot attach them on the fly.

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As others have reported, the canvas appears too large and the interface is cut off on Windows running Chrome.  Running an I7 quad proc at 3.3 Ghz and a Geforce 820m for graphis proc.  Fantastic test, by the way.  Duly impressed. :lol:

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