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Intermittent graphics glitches


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Hi there. I'm currently scratching my head at a little graphics glitch I've been having. I'm hoping someone here can help me out. :P




These lines occur intermittently, and only when moving.


Here is the setup:


The tiles each have their own container, with usually around 2-3 sprites for walls and 1 for floors.

The positions of the tiles are set once, and added to a world container. Empty solid grey space is just empty, no containers/sprites.

The world container is then added to the root container and translated around the camera.


So despite the fact that I have handed all control over the translation of individual tiles to Pixi, this still happens.


I'm honestly stumped.


Thank you for any support you could give me on this matter. :)

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Yes. That was the issue.


I had gotten it into my head that since I put all of the tiles into a container and only moved the container, I wouldn't have to worry about rounding issues. However, if the container is just adding its position to the children, I suppose it would make sense that it is something to consider. The more you know, I guess. :P


Thank you for your help on this matter.

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I wouldn't have to worry about rounding issues. 

WebGL likes floating point values, we like pixels  :)


By the way, this seems to be a consistent problem (it is for me).

Can anyone from the Pixi dev team who might be reading this comment on why `NEAREST` isn't the default?

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