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HTML5 and Android: image with transparent background


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I have many problems with HTML 5 for mobile.

See photo (same photo) when I'm running on an Android tablet HTML and side as compared running in a browser on mac.

Note that black and white lines appear in the image into the Android Tablet.

I'm using the library CreateJS to generate images. In the image the only thing I do is to change x, y, scaleX and scaleY.

PS: The images are in PNG transparent.

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Again I think these are texture issues. How large is the canvas / images? Have you tried doing something like overlaying a transparent canvas onto another image in the web page? (not sure how CreateJS works, hopefully it composites to a single canvas object).


I have 10 PNG images with transparency in project. Only 2 images showed this problem.
If you look where the black appears on screen is not exactly transparent in all area of the images.
The original images were designed to 2048x1200 and this tablet has exactly half (1024x600).
PS: I just run on an Android Galaxy Si - Adsence and these did not appear black. (however this also with the distorted images with pixels as in the other topic).
APP.canvas = document.getElementsByTagName('canvas')[0];APP.stage = new createjs.Stage(APP.canvas);APP.chronometer = new createjs.Bitmap(chronometerBitmapTemp);APP.stage.addChild(APP.chronometer);APP.chronometer.scaleX = APP.chronometer.scaleY = 0.2723494APP.chronometer.x=10;APP.chronometer.y=30;
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