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Using Cloud9 as localhost(Help)


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I don't like Cloud9. The "localhost" thing is very easy to set-up, you just have to install something like WAMP if you are on windows. It's a simple, Next,Next,Next,Finish installer. Then all you have to do is place your html files in the www directory and go to your browser to localhost

Cloud9 is cool like you can use anywhere event not on your computer.



I've been trying to use phaser, and Cloud9 as a substitute for the localhost thing, but I have no idea how to do that! I'm new to this programming stuff, so if you can explain with details and in a way I can understand, thank you!

I'm not sure I understand, You want to use the terminal on your computer to interact with Cloud9?

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found the answer^^^



If you're developing a server application, please note that you need to listen to ($IP) and 8080 ($PORT). Listening to this port will enable your app to be viewable at http://<workspacename>-<username>.c9users.io

You can also bind to ports 8081, and 8082, which can be accessed by http://<workspacename>-<username>.c9users.io:8081 and http://<workspacename>-<username>.c9users.io:8082 respectively.



i had it set to port 3000

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