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black screen on iOS phone, no missing assets...why?


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hi all


i 've created a small demo with panda.js,but not display anything on iOS iPhone (it works fine on Lumia 925); no missing assets.

Here my config.js

pandaConfig = {    name: 'sotb',    version: '1.0.0',    disableCache: true,    system: {        width: 640,        height: 400,        webGL: true,        hires:1,        retina:false,        scaleToFit: true,        resizeToFill: true,        scaleMode:"bicubic"    },    debug: {        enabled: true    },    audio: {        stopOnSceneChange: false    }}; 
Panda.js 1.13.1
Pixi.js 2.2.5

Canvas renderer


any suggestion? thanks!!


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