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Wanting to hear some feedback on game art


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On my opinion, background and foreground has contradictory styles, but main menu so good)

Looks like artist spent a most part of time to buttons

Maybe, if foreground objects has little shadows like buttons and don't have gradients it may to look better

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In that third one the background colour palette is very close to the one used for the content (walls, throwing stars, etc) which makes them hard to see. You could also try blurring the background a bit so that the other contents detail makes it stand out more.

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In top-down game, background must be in visual depth on back, select the main theme of your levels style with this perspective.
Maybe it makes sense, to draw example scene in Paint with lights and shadows only, to find better light ballance, and changes textures bright for for needle lightness



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Isometric or top-down, it doesnt matter, the example @lekzd posted shows that the background should be very much secondary to the foreground.


The problem you have is that you're not establishing a figure/ground relationship, which leads to dissonance and confusion for the player.


The background should contain (probably) very little detail, very little to draw the eye, it simply creates a backdrop to make the foreground elements shine. Too busy and you've drawn the eye.


Light and shade is key to creating depth, given your strict top-down perspective its likely that this will be reflected wholly in your colour palette choices, which usually means going to colder or darker shades for your background. There is much theory available on this, and on establishing figure/ground, so you can get as complicated as you like. If your players barely notice the background then you're winning.


There are also a couple of anti-aliasing inaccuracies on your home screen and I think there are a few errant pixels on your top-down in-game ninja—the fingers and some parts of the face really stand out, the skin colour in particular stands out against the black and red.


Also, it kind of looks like you're going for a tiled pixel art kind of feel in-game but you're using stock gradients all over the place which is really jarring. Maybe consider using flatter colours with a limited palette (16 colour for example), limited colour ramps (i.e. light to dark in just 4 colours), or maybe even dithering.

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Hi GSquadron,

Ninja and menu look cool. Awesome I think. Bamboo background suits ninja but other two bgs aren't suitable.

For better example, you can take any from the game 'Ninja Jump'. And then, some chinese castles etc. would be better for a ninja, I think.



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