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Found 21 results

  1. Hello, I'm looking for feedback on my first game/mobile app: Amazeballs! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nl.eyeseet.maze It is a maze-escape game written in using Matter-js and Three.js and runs as an android app using Cordova. There are currently two modes, a top view mode and a 3D ground mode. As you finish levels you earn coins to buy upgrades (speed, manoeuverability and camera zoom out) which should help you finish larger mazes. I'd love to hear what you think of the game. Any feedback or ideas to improve the game are very welcome! Since I've seen the game grow it is hard for me to look at it with fresh eyes. It is hard to judge whether the game is still fun to play after a few levels, if the money/upgrade system balanced, etc. Also, I'd like to add new game modes, I have some ideas but more ideas are more than welcome. In the current version you start with 5000 coins so you can unlock both game modes right away.
  2. Hi i introduce you me new maze html5 game inspired by Fred (zx spectrum 1984) . Game run at domain uprk.cz. Its plain js (because i start 6year before). It generate 5new levels every day, and support gamepad, and old html5 cache.manifest (now i wotk on PWA update, and google play release). Thanx tor playng and tips. Devbob.cz
  3. Game Link: Guppy Gem About the game: Guppy gem is a maze game where guppy moves through a maze to reach the gem while avoiding moving obstacles. Play the game at http://www.hiteagames.com/ Video Imgur: https://imgur.com/mM9NqUa Youtube: https://youtu.be/SROEl_P29Vg This is my first time making a game. Enjoy!
  4. There is a MAZE game at https://www.html5pcode.com/a1ymaze.htm The game uses a p-code. The p-code was written in HTML5 JavaScript. The home page is https://www.html5pcode.com Find a PATH through the MAZE from the left side (RED BOX) to the right side (GREEN BOX). There are over a hundred ROOMS in the MAZE. A ROOM can have one exit door, 2 exit doors, or no exit doors. If the ROOM does not have an exit door, it is a DEAD END. If you come to a DEAD END, you must backtrack until you find another exit door. There is only one TRUE PATH from the RED SQUARE to the GREEN SQUARE. There are 100 different games. This game is written in a p-code. The p-code is executed by a p-code engine. If you click on PROGRAM in the RED STRIPE at the top, you can view the p-code programs. The p-code engine can execute the programs and it can edit the programs.There is a DATA option that allows you to see the program's data as it is being executed. There is a TRAIL option that allows you to execute the program in small steps. There is an RT, Real Time, option that allows you to change the program as it is executing. There are many YouTube videos that will show you how it works.
  5. The object of this game is to escape the maze before time runs out. Final score is based on maze difficulty, time to exit, map usage, coins collected and more in this simple HTML5 game. http://www.atksolutions.com/games/labyrinth.html
  6. Here is a game that I created it is a maze munching game type done in HTML5. I am curious how the performance is from other users? http://www.atksolutions.com/games/henweigh.html It also works with a USB Classic Buffalo Game Pad and on mobile. So far it is working nicely in HTML5 with the latest Firefox and Chrome.
  7. Hello, ok here's my request, I am trying to create a minigame like in "The legend of zelda: phantom hourglass" multiplayer game https://youtu.be/rwNNHZlyuGU?t=1m45s one of the difference with this gameplay is that it will be a multidevice mobile version, another difference is that the level will be randomly generated. I have found a maze generator here: https://codepen.io/GabbeV/pen/viAec therefor i have a few questions: -how could i use this to create multiple paths like showed on this picture? https://i.stack.imgur.com/EYBEV.png -Am i able to export a phaser game to an android app with cordova? -Is is possible to put a hitbox on the randomly generated walls on the canvas and if so how? Thanks for reading this post and hopefully i'll find a solution thanks to you
  8. Hi! I gathered a small team to participate in this summer's Ludum Dare. We managed to build a functional game with Phaser so here's the link: Oppressiv Light Pitch: You're a robot lost in an abandoned spaceship, most of the lights have faded out and there's an alien that lurks in the dark. You can frighten him with your embedded lamp, but beware to not run out of power! (you can charge your lamp by reaching the lit areas) Find the switch that will get the lights back in the whole level and proceed to the next . If you want to give us a feedback about the game, the best place would be on its Ludum Dare's submission page (but you need an account to do so), or just write here or on the itch.io page, I'll read it anyway. You can also view the source code on it's GitHub repository, but it's pretty messy...
  9. 5 latest new maze for Perplexus Shadow Open (BabylonJS WebGL 3D maze game. Very fun, but player still have to manually manage arc camera with mouse.
  10. Introduction/Presentation of Perplexus Shadow Open Game (How to play - suggestion - tips) Enjoy in playing
  11. symof


    A mobile only game(Chrome only), and the second that I made so far (mostly it's just me experimenting stuff xD ). It uses javascript api to detect motion and move a ball through a maze. The maze is re-generated on every run. I use p2js for physics and on the devices that I tried out works pretty well. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cadsotic.aMazeBallfree
  12. Play the game! Video Trailer Snake Runner is a fast paced top-down endless runner game inspired by the classic Snake game. It introduces a new gameplay concept based on a single tap control movement scheme. Your goal is to move the snake through an endless dungeon trying to survive as long as possible. You need to eat all food on your way and avoid all deadly obstacles such as walls, barriers, electric fields and so on. To control the snake just press space bar or left click to turn the snake 90 degree's towards the closest pickup!
  13. how can i use box to create a contnous maze?
  14. Hi everyone, this is my first entry on this forum. Im getting a lot of help from threads around here so i thought i will share effects of my adventure with html5. I have created "Ancient Maze of Epla" as part od ludumdare 36 comp it took me 36h. I have used phaser connected with nodejs and grunt browserify. You can check source code here if you find that im doing something horrible wrong i would appreciate feedback. Im working on cleaning up that code so i can use it as base for games prototypes. Ancient Maze of Epla is short puzzle game with sokoban like mechanic with difference that everything moves when you give one of commands (up/down/left/right). You can check it either on Kongregate or Gamejolt. And if also took part in ludumdare and wish to comment here is link to ludumdare 36 entry. Also i have upgraded Kongregate version with their api implementation and added lead boards for number of steps required to finish each level to give it some replay ability. I would appreciate any feedback as this is only my second webgl game in phaser (earlier was only ludumdare warmup) and i want to make more projects with that game engine.
  15. Here is one simple Demo example made with babylon.js Under project section Roll Shadow https://ajna4taiga.no-ip.org/ajna4taigaWeb/ (very awsome babylon.js) (if anybody is interesting in any this is welcome) even developers for new releases and physics testing...
  16. hey guys, made a new game that's all about dodging monsters, and finding the end of the maze. Hope you like. http://www.kongregate.com/games/RhettBlood/a-labyrinth-of-mazes
  17. Frozen Maze is a simple sliding puzzle game where you slide an ice cube around the screen to reach the end of the level, collecting crystals along the way! The game is designed for mobile devices, however it can be played on PC using the mouse. This game is also available for licensing! If interested, feel free to send me an email at [email protected] Any feedback or advice is appreciated! Click here to play
  18. Hello. I was interested to hear your thoughts on the game art of an upcoming game. If you want to follow the development, check the twitter account. @gsquadronstudio
  19. This is my first web game ever. Coded in JS from scratch. Ninja ball is about a ball moving around levels and you have to enter doors in order to progress. The game has 31 levels and can be played online: http://www.kongregate.com/games/GSquadron/ninja-ball
  20. Good day, I'm trying to make a small game to get to know Phaser js but I'm having problems implementing collision detection with groups. Once the maze is created and stored in a bi-dimensional array I fill the screen up with sprites using the following function(as I can't use physics with primitive graphics, if i'm not mistaken) //makes sprites out of the maze function maekMaezDawg() { console.log('hello frmo maekMaezDawg()'); for (var i = 0; i < mazeHeight; i++) { for (var j = 0; j < mazeWidth; j++) { if (maze[i][j] === 0) { var tempBrick = game.add.sprite(j * tileSize, i * tileSize, 'brick'); tempBrick.scale.setTo(tileSize / 64, tileSize / 64); brickMaze.create(tempBrick); } } } mazeGraphics.clear(); } But the collision isn't detected between my player object and the brickMaze group. I'm using the following line in the update function game.physics.arcade.collide( brickMaze,player, collisionHandler)The collision handler function is only supposed to print out a log confirming the collision, yet it never fires up. Help would be greatly appreciated. The full code can be found in the following github repo https://github.com/DanAmador/RandomMazeGame/tree/master/Game
  21. Hi, thought you guys might like to know about a game I've fiddled with. This game is a retro maze-puzzle thing, build on a Boulderdash frame, but with other rules, graphics, and sounds. It has its own instructions about the new objects too. It is distributed under the MIT License ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIT_License ), so if you like, you can use my messy code and any other files like graphics and sounds for your own projects - just remember to put me and anyone relevant on the credit list in your game. Link to game source code download: http://worldtree.dk/games/obstacles/ Play the game: http://worldtree.dk/olvorix/index.html
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