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[AFFORDABLE] 2D/3D Game, Animation & Vfx service provider @ Indie Price


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Game Studio
Where The Quality Of The Work Matters The Most


ZE – An Animation and Game Design Studio through energetic fusion of art and dynamic creativity in the world of gaming and known for groundbreaking AAA work. We have got exactly what you are looking for, we are a team of experts in the field of Concept Art, Low & High Poly Characters, Creatures, Gaming Props, Rigging & Animation. We have the pride of serving the clients from all over the world. We also develop High Quality 3D Animated Video and the quality of our work is incredible. We monitor the project until and unless our clients are completely satisfied.

Affordable Services:

  1. Concept
  2. Illustration
  3. Character Design
  4. Game UI / Screens
  5. 3D Character creation - lod variation
  6. Gaming Props / Assets - lod variation
  7. Hand Painted Texture
  8. PBR materials
  9. Game & Production Riggs
  10. Facial UI / Blendshapes
  11. Game Animation
  12. High Quality Animated video & game teasers .. etc

Contact Details:
web: www.zagreusent.com
email: [email protected]
skype: zagreusent

Our Proud Work:










Hope you liked our work.
Feel free to contact us for your game & animation related queries.
we are 24x7 available for free consultation.

Thank You 
ZE Team

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Abigore Creature - 2D creature concept work with upgrades
GOL (Gods of Legend) an upcoming RPG game.
All the 2D concepts, UI, screens, 3D creatures (low poly), animation etc work has been done by us.
Please feel free to contact us for Gaming services.
[gaming concepts, low poly characters & creatures, props, rigging and animation]


 More info: http://www.zagreusent.com

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Demon - Cerebas - Concept Design


Zagreus Entertainment


Game & Animation Studio

[Character concepts low poly characters & creatures gaming props weapons game rig and loopable gaming animation]


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