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Animate Dante with Babylon.js


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Hello to all.

I created Dante in Blender.

I animated it with Mixamo.

Unfortunately, when I go to convert the dae file into a babylon file, I can't see the animation.

Can you help me ?




This is the animation done with Mixamo:



This is the result in the sandbox:




I attach the following files in the zip:

- Dante.dae (Mixamo animation)

- Dante.babylon


Thanks in advance.






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Try this:

1. Select character's armature )in object mode)

2. Press CTRL+A

3. Click Scale in appeared menu

The log gives more than 7000 warnings that say :

"WARNING :Maximum # of influencers exceeded for a vertex , extras ignored"

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Mixamo rigging can be used with Babylon. See here and here for example.

However, the vertex bone influence must be updated to be compatible with Babylon.


In 3DSMax, you have to use a specific option (as described here: http://doc.babylonjs.com/exporters/Bones_influences_per_vertex) I don't know the corresponding option in Blender.

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