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Looking for level editor


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I looked around a time ago, and in my opinion it's hard to find an editor which fits your needs, if you have the resources, you should maybe build your own tools, but beware, it's easy to drift into a world where you are solving tech problems and not making games anymore (or at least i can happen sometimes).

you could use photoshop and export the data with a script or the new generator feature. or spine can also be used for UI purposes.
btw. tiled also works with pixel coordinates not only the grid thing (look at the coins on the 2nd pic http://www.mapeditor.org/ " Rectangleellipsepolygon and image objects can be placed with pixel precision")

my editor journey goes like this: i used tiled, then I started to write my own canvas based editor ( 
https://github.com/raphaelstary/highfive ) , then I stopped because of the workload and did something very easy with google docs and a custom export script (more for level items) (simpler than tiled https://github.com/raphaelstary/google-sheets-json-export ), and now I tried to do it with photoshop and wrote again my own custom exporter (more for UI stuff and less for real level structure) ( https://github.com/raphaelstary/json-photoshop-generator )
.... every solution costs time & I haven't found a perfect one ...

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