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How to stop or destroy a tween mid-execution?


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I'm making a game where a function creates a group of "fish" with tweening, and the tween calls another function on completion to create a new tween with new parameters, and so on.


When the player's character collides with the fish, I want them to reset, and swim using a new tween. All the code works except that the tween that was in action prior to collision isn't destroyed by .reset function, and most likely is the reason why the fish are jumping around the screen. Here it is: http://chetansharma.info/work/thefishking/v02/


How do I address or stop a tween when I can reference the object it was applied to? I tried creating a tween manager and added all tweens to it (inside a state's declaration) but keep getting errors (in game.js state file) An example on how to solve this would be nice.

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