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Drag and drop problem with Chrome only on Mac


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Hi everybody!


I did a configurator for prefabricated houses: http://concept.wec360project.se/arholma10n.php


It works fine on Chrome for Windows, Firefox and Safari but the drag and drop function its not working on Chrome for Mac.


Here is a video where you can check how it works on other browsers:

Here is a video with the errors:


I had the same issue in Internet Explorer but I fix it (just for IE) changing:

src = evt.dataTransfer.getData ("text / plain");


src = evt.dataTransfer.getData ("text");


but on Chrome for Mac this only let me put the first model of window and first model of door (other windows, doors, color function, roof function dont work).


I asked a friend in other country to prove it because I dont have mac equipment (its hard to find in my country).


How can I fix the drag and drop function for Chrome for mac?


Thank you all in advance.

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Hey hi,


I don't have a solution but it looks pretty cool, good job! I don't have a mac to test it so I am probably no big help anyways but maybe you can create a playground that shows the problem reduced to its core. That way people with a mac can check it out and try to find the problem aaalllooottt easier.

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Well, I am actually not talking about uploading the whole thing. I was more thinking about recreating the problem on the playground (yeah that might be some work :P ). So go to the playground - here is the link for convenience: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/ - and create a simple drag and drop example the same way you use it in your project. Then test it on your mac/chrome to make sure the problem happens there, too, and then show us. If you can't recreate the problem in the playground independently from your project you still might get some clues (or at least know it's not the drag and drop itself but maybe something else). Maybe it's a browser/mac issue that can't be fixed by babylon js but has to be taken care of by the people at apple or google. Or you realize that it works perfectly fine in the playground when you separate it from the rest of your project, then you at least know it's possible and the error must be somewhere else ;)

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