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Walking animation


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Hello, I am new to Phaser and I am still learning how to move sprites on the screen among other things.


I have this walking animation set: http://i.stack.imgur.com/pGGbv.png


I'd like to move my character anywhere on the screen by using the arrow keys (up,down,left and right).


Now I know how to execute something when an arrow key is down but my question is related to the PNG file that I am loading.


1) Do I load it as a spritesheet?

2) Do I use the "animations.add"?

3) How do I separate the frames in the PNG to correspond to specific arrow keys?


ex: If I press down, I want to use the first row of that PNG and make use of every frame to animate the character's movement.


I also need to move that character on the screen with every frame used so I assume character.body.velocity.x/y should be used in this case. 

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i think the best thing to do is go through these examples first



this one seems to match what you need to some extent



these examples are based on frames that are all equally sized

Thank you. The second link is very helpful. I will see what I can do :)

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