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Hi everyone!

I am relatively new in this of create video games but i have made an nice try with this game.

It's about save a group of dogs of a chaotic final and trying to not be detected.  Is a little hard game while you understand the patterns, but it is posible to pass in 2 minutes.

The game is in spanish and is oriented to generate concience about the animal abuse.

I think, the most important implementations of this game are the collision of the camera (because i had problems with the now implemented), now approaches if exist an obstacle in the view; and too, the artifitial intelligence of the enemies.

The game was made in april for a classwork but until today was uploaded to the spoon revolution server.


  • W, S, D, A move the character
  • F is the action key to breaks free the animals and exit of the place
  • The mouse and arrows to move the camera.

Basic recomendations:

  • The enemys can't see at their back and through the walls
  • If the bottom center console has red text, run away because you have been seen

Have fun.


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I totally agree with Temechon... the game is super cool but the camera angle makes it almost impossible to see if there is a guard or not :-/


But very good job, cool visuals, good performance, nice overall style and probably really fun to play if you fix that camera angle thing :D

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