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video texture will not play on Android Tablet


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I have only my Sony Expiria Android Tablet to test, but I cannot get any video texture to play on my mobile device(s). We also tried a friend's Iphone.

I have tried every scene on the playground and on the html5 game devs forum which uses a video texture, and none play on my Android tablet - the mesh with the video texture applied simply shows up black, and everything else in the scene works fine.  I have tried .mp4, .ogg. webm, and every other video format and method of conversion available, but nothing works on mobile.  I've also tried coding the actionManager to preload, play, and every other function I know as well as videoTexture.video.(action) - to no avail

Again, all scenes work on PC and Mac, but not on mobile, regardless of the format.  And I can set these to play in HTML5 if I source them, but not as video textures.

Here are two playground scenes which were written by DeltaKosh and another user, and neither work on mobile.  I also stripped the body from these out of the playground, and hosted on my servers, and the same behavior is seen - no mobile video texture playback.

These are the links:



Please let me know what the secret is.  Any help is always appriciated.


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Hi dbawel,

Cannot load those examples on my android phone.

Using videos as source is often quite a mess on mobiles, particularly on iOS where Apple does not allow one to use video easily (for instance getUserMedia is "forbidden", there are some Apple policy against it, I think it is to ensure people write apps to put in the Apple store instead of HTML5 apps, but it's only a guess).

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Hi Vousk-prod,


Doesn't work with .ogg or .ogv files.  I've "literally" searched every javascript forum, and found nothing - but I'd now consider myself an expert at building an HTML5 video player, as there was loads of info for HTML5 sourcing - but nothing in javascript that works on mobile devices.  I couldn't be the only person who has needed to do this before, right?



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