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Animation morphing with 3ds max to Babylon


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How Morpher type of animation is recovered with babylon? I create facial animations to give emotions to the character through the Morpher modifier, but I do not know how to trigger them by name (there it is no animation key, but names).
scene.beginAnimation is what can do that? and how ? Or is there a different function to do this.
Here in pictures:



Looking at the image I would recover the animation 'MMM' which plays this frame 0 100


Thank you for help



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I take it the picture is a screen shot of 3DMax dad?


I know JCP is working on something for Blender export (shape keys/morphs) - but I have no idea how those shape keys/ morphs would be included into BJS and, indeed,  how they would be animated.


An animation can certainly be created in Blender and I assume in 3DMax too.


cheers, gryff :)

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Hi, dad72

Maybe you can use joints instead of morphs, and then in BJS play with bones matrix.

Something like that:

BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("", babylons_url, "name.babylon", scene, function(m, p, s) {		for(var i in s[0].bones){	    if(i!=0){	        joint[i] = s[0].bones[i];		matrix[i] = s[0].bones[i].getLocalMatrix(); 	    }	} 	init_slider(); })function init_slider(){		var m = [];	for(var i in joint){		m[i] = joint[i].getLocalMatrix().clone();	}	  	$("#slider1").slider({step:0.1,min:0.5,max:2,value:1,slide:function(event,ui){				var scaleMatrix = BABYLON.Matrix.Compose(new BABYLON.Vector3(ui.value, ui.value, ui.value), BABYLON.Quaternion.Identity(), BABYLON.Vector3.Zero());		m[1].multiplyToRef(scaleMatrix, matrix[1]);  		joint[1].markAsDirty();	 	}});}

And you can use multiple sliders, you can affect two bones in the same time, and you can rotate or translate bones too.

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Maybe you can use joints instead of morphs, and then in BJS play with bones matrix.


I think I will study this method. But I do not understand how to create morphs joints. Can I have more details on how to do this with bones?
Can I from what I done with "morpher", add bones to make it work in babylon. (to keep what I did with "morpher" + "bones" for Babylon)
It is unfortunate that Babylon does not yet have this type of functionality: The animations by vertex with "morpher".
Thanks for help
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