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Set body of all group sprites?


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I'm starting to build up a huge number of sprites so I was wondering instead of setting the same body value for each sprite as shown below;

beachnpc = this.add.sprite(810, 6472, 'beachnpc');beachnpc.body.setSize(70, 70, 0, 0);beachnpc.body.immovable = true;beachnpc.body.moves = false;forestnpc= this.add.sprite(1110, 3472, 'forestnpc');forestnpc.body.setSize(70, 70, 0, 0);forestnpc.body.immovable = true;forestnpc.body.moves = false;warriornpc= this.add.sprite(3110, 1860, 'warriornpc');warriornpc.body.setSize(70, 70, 0, 0);warriornpc.body.immovable = true;warriornpc.body.moves = false;

So I was trying to put that repeat code into a group as shown:

questnpc = this.add.group();this.physics.enable(questnpc, Phaser.Physics.ARCADE);questnpc.body.setSize(70, 70, 0, 0);questnpc.body.immovable = true;questnpc.body.moves = false;

But I get undefined 'setSize' is it possible to do something like this? Or do I have to repeat all of my code for each sprite?


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