Phasetips: Tooltip plugin for Phaser.io

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Hello all, I just released a tooltip plugin for Phaser. You can find it here: https://github.com/netgfx/Phasetips





It contains many options already, but feel free to fork or ask me to add something, also accepting pull requests for extra options or functions


I hope you like it!

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ye I can add that, cool suggestion, thanks!


I have added the following properties: animationDelay (for showing the tooltip, in ms), animationSpeedShow (the duration of the show animation, in ms), animationSpeedHide (the duration of the hiding animation, in ms)

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Hello! Thanks for a great plugin. BTW, may I make a suggestion? I forked your repo and uploaded a proposal. A short summary is in my README:


Added options:

  • Rounded corners
    • roundedCorderRadius
  • font styles
    • fontSize
    • fontStroke
    • fontFill
  • roundedCorderRadius (always show tips. control with methods to show and hide)

Thank you for your consideration!

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Thank you for a reply. I have one more thing I wanted to try, which I wonder if it is possible to add drop shadow... I will research a bit on it.

If will pull request later today regardless of whether I could find how to add drop shadow, (update: I could not really find a way to blur bitmap, so I could not add a drop shadow).

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