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Animation of rigged Mesh at runtime


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Hi People,

I have imported a rigged model  (dude model https://github.com/BabylonJS/MeshesLibrary/tree/master/Dude) in my project, the method scene.beginAnimation() works so i suppose that the skeleton is already attached to the mesh.


I want to rotate a bone of this skeleton but i can't reach this goal

The code that i used is the following:

engine.runRenderLoop(function () {	var bone = scene.getSkeletonByName("Skeleton0").bones[20];    //I've tried different bones	var boneMat = bone.getWorldMatrix();	BABYLON.Matrix.RotationXToRef(0.1, boneMat);	bone.updateMatrix(boneMat);			scene.render();}

I have no result, do you have some hint?

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Here is a possessed dude that can help you:



 k, I did it :D

Thanks to you i understand the potentialof registerBeforeRender() method ahaha

I have also changed the way of give the rotation to the bone, his rotation is clean as you can see:)




I believed that the method .updateMatrix() would serve to update the value of the matrix, but clearly I was wrong.


Thanks again guys... you're saving my life :D ahahha

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