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ForceOrientation and Group Index


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Hi there,


I have additional question about forceOrientation and Group index mechanism:

1. How do we use forceOrientation correctly in the game? I'm using forcePortrait inside the game but I don't see anything different when rotating my device.

2. I'm currently using Group to composite a game component (a puzzle tile with a separate sprite on top of it), but I seem can't order the child index of these Groups.


My current Group creation:

var tiles = this.game.add.group();
tiles.create(0,0, 'tile_bg');
tiles.create(0,0, 'tile_char');

My usual way for index sorting:

this.game.world.group.addAt(tiles, 1);



But I encounter error, Cannot read property 'onRemovedFromGroup' of undefined.

Any help will be appreciated.



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I'm moving to the latest master version (1.1), but now I can't found the global Group properties (previously accessible from this.game.world.group). Where can I access it now?

I also want try to find the container of my custom Group, but it seem I can't get their .group or .parent properties, any information regarding group and their container?

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