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Shadows looking awful


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I basically have a problem, which is easiest to describe as following: I have a terrain, it should receive shadows from itself and cast them. The problem is that the terrain doesn't have 1 height. On certain positions its higher than other spots. However, the shadows are really awful when you have a terrain like this which should cast and receive shadows. 


Here's a picture of what I mean:





shadowGenerator = new BABYLON.ShadowGenerator(4 * 1024, light);shadowGenerator.bias = 0.00001;shadowGenerator.usePoissonSampling = true;

Upping the bias kinda matters, but it's not the effect that I desire, because only fully shadowed places will be black, like this:




Decreasing / increasing shadow quality just makes the triangles on the shadows bigger or smaller.


Close up of the shadow:




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Hey @Deltakosh - I'm still also struggling with shadows.


I've noted that Blend4Web seem to have achieved nice looking shadows in a large open-world scene here:



Looking at the shadows they seem to get rougher in the distance, so I guess they're just using CSM as you were planning? Or is it some other trick maybe?

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