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Make video effects in Phaser


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I want to create a video using Phaser. I am preparing a set of video presentations and I would like to create the introduction using Phaser, not a dedicated tool like Adobe After Effects or something like that.


The only way I see is to record my screen when playing the intro in the browser, but maybe you know if there is a plugin or something to allow to render Phaser scene directly into a video.

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if you could implement a way to play your intro one frame a time, you could then capture the world as a bitmap, convert to dataURL and send that data to your local server for storing & processing later


you'd have an easier time capturing your screen. CamStudio is quite good http://camstudio.org/


Yes, that's the point, a way to say phaser to render a frame for a given time point (or something like that), then we can get an array of bitmaps with a fixed rate. Something like `game.make.screenshots(fps, duration)`



@Skeptron, the problem with record the screen is that it record at a fixed rate, but probably the browser does not render at a fixed rate.


Thanks both.





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