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RPG Maker MV using Pixi?


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1) They dont use texture.destroy() AT ALL (search found nothing). That means they have memory leak when switching between scenes, because they dont re-use tilemap bitmaps.

2) For tilemaps they use pure canvas2d, which they wrap in BaseTexture. I found this performance bug: http://jsperf.com/tilemap-optimization

3) 40% CPU time is spent in the engine. I saw how they create a lot of arrays in update/render cycle, that's awful. I dont know how to fix this, and I'm afraid of breaking plugins while optimizing this shit.


Im working on new tilemaps that will work for pixijs-Tiled, pixijs-Rpgmaker and Gameofbombs.com . I'm confident in myself, because gameofbombs renders 1920x1080 at 60FPS easily, even on canvas2d.

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That's quite frightening. Either they aren't very good at JavaScript or their desktop versions are just as bad internally, but you don't notice it because you can't see the source.

Their code is ok, they have good architecture, but they dont know much about webgl and javascript specifics. Also, they use a lot of one-liner functions, because that way it will be easier to write plugins above the core.

One guy is porting it on pixiv3 and I'm trying to help him: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/47102-pixi-v2-to-pixi-v3/


https://github.com/holywyvern/mv-pixi-upgrade , and your forum doesnt highlight https links , WTF?


But I'm focusing on tilemaps, because that's the only think that I know I can fix for sure :)

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