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Confused for choosing best-est and fastest framework...!


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I'm confused in choosing the best-est, fastest and complete html-5 gaming engine.

I recently has worked on pixi.js but there are some minor and few major problems in it


I recently discovered that phaser and createJS are two decent frameworks out there. But I'm confused in choosing one.


I discovered while searching on web that some of high quality games like cut the rope (html5 version made by thinkpixellab ) is made on createJS and on the other hand I discovered that phaser is also growing and many html5 developer now use it.


Can you people help me in chossing which one to choose and why by keeping in mind the following things.




-Bug Free

-Best understandable documentations


Thanks in advance

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For the best understandable documentations.. I think Phaser wins this hands down with their example pages.  It also feels complete and I have never had any 'bug issues', relative to most of my issues was my lack of knowledge of Javascript itself :P.  Performance is fine for me when using WebGL for my action rpg game, which Phaser.Auto or Phaser.WebGL does for you.  I love it.  The API they have is huge and there is comment blocks on each individual function in their source files outlines and explaining what exactly is going on. It's very well documented.


To add icing on the cake, you can even compile from source and exclude certain modules to retain a lower filesize. Which I love! (I'm sure other game frameworks can do this as well, but just figured I'd mention it). It's also extremely easy doing it via Grunt.


 I think Phaser is relatively new and just starting to blossom in the HTML 5 world.


Also, take a look here: http://cdn.ghstatic.com/mobile-archives/slingo-adventure/index.html?language=en&country=US&v=20150511.111.1  One of the best art designed game I've seen using Phaser recently. It's just a matter of time before more high quality games like this show up. And I havn't been around the block, but I am pretty sure there are a ton more, I'm just too lazy to find em :).  

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In my case i started on CreateJS. And then dodge to PhaserJS, because is way more stable , simple and powerfull. 

CreateJS is in version 0.8.1 . That means based on semantic version http://semver.org/ this is not a stable version yet, someone correct me if I'm wrong

The only thing that i miss in CreateJS is the glow and shadow filters. But this is not that important.

For example

In createJS i need like 2 functions 30 lines of code to update a tint of sprite sheet ( you need to update frame by frame of the spritesheet bitmap )


While in Phaser is easy like

obj.tint = '0xFF0000'; // one line , BOOM ! 



Like @WombatTurkey already mentioned, the documentation and examples in Pharser are miles ahead. Very well organized and easy to learn.

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