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(quick question) How to move a mesh forward with trigonometry


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I feel silly asking about a relatively simple problem, but my trigonometry has been fading for over a decade now..


So, moving a mesh (character, projectile) forward taking into account its rotation in 2D space is simple enough with a Google search:

m.rotation.y = Math.PI / 2; // or any value < 2pi.var x = Math.sin(m.rotation.y) * speed * delta;var z = Math.cos(m.rotation.y) * speed * delta;m.position.addInPlace(new BABYLON.Vector3(x, 0, z));
How to extend it to account for its rotation on the x axis? simple trying either sin() or cos() on .rotation.x resulted in straying projectiles. 
edit: probably the mesh-orientation-towards-target calculation needs extending as well to account for the y-axis
// x and z are coords of desired mesh target locationdx = (mesh.position.x - x);dz = (mesh.position.z - z);var r = Math.atan(dx / dz);if (dz < 0) {    r -= Math.PI;}mesh.rotation.y = r;

edit: playground http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#ZWONO

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Yet another approach, which again might not be what you want http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#ZWONO#2


By variations in the given  angle and speed (which are determined in such a way as to hit the sphere) you can make it miss.


EDIT Added a lookAt to orientate the box.



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