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Assets Protection Module.


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Many people that using PhaserJS comes from Flash.

And some people question about the assets protection like this one dude:


Yes it's true that get assets in html5 offers zero difficult.


I made a module that offers some dificult to get the assets.

It simple shuffle the image based on seed. Very easy to use

Like that.

// nodejsvar imgScramble = require('image-scramble');imgScramble({    image:'test/sample2.png', // source    seed:'Kappa', // seed    sliceSize:5, // slice size    dest:'test/sample2_crop.png' // destination},function(err){})




To unshuffle on PhaserJS

// phaserJSvar bmp = unscrambleImg(img,sliceSize,'Kappa',game.add.bitmapData(img.width,img.height));var sprite = game.add.sprite(0, 0, bmp);




Github Link : https://github.com/webcaetano/image-scramble


I'll soon increase the performance and make a gulp module of that.

Hope you guys like it.

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I can't make your code work. Could you include an example in the GitHub repo or do a Phaser sandbox to demonstrate how to use it?


I can scramble the images but I don't manage to unscramble them in the code.


I know it's supposed to be simple but I don't manage to do it. I don't post any code because I do exactly what you do in the doc.

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There's an phaser example on the repo.



Did you install the unscramble-img ??



bower install unscramble-img



It have 2 small dependencies. When you install via bower you also have to add the path of his dependencies.


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