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Arcade Particles and Individual Emissions


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Hey friends,


I'm incredibly fond of Phaser and it's flexibility for making games, both big and small.


The included Arcade Particles are really slick, too. One thing I really liked about 2.4.4  was that Particles.Arcade.Emitter.emitParticle enabled me to specify a key and frame when shooting a single particle out.


Right now I'm making a platformer where I'm emitting a few deliberate particles at specific events. An example is below:




All of my particles use the same sheet, but different particles can have different images, velocities, and lifespans.


At the moment, I typically have to achieve this by doing:


emitter.setXSpeed(dX, dX);emitter.setYSpeed(dY, dY);emitter.lifespan = someLifespan;emitter.emitParticle(x, y, key, frame);

I'd prefer to have one emitter that I can pass parameters to individual particles. I could wrap emitParticle in a new function, but I was curious if anyone had a better solution I'm not aware of.


I've also created a pull request for adding lifespan as an optional parameter to emitParticle as well. It's not exactly for the original intended use case of Emitter, but I think that would help developers in a similar situation to myself.



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