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Hello everyone!


I have this pretty big scene, heavy on polygons and textures, and I need to make a screenshot in high quality. I'm using Tools.CreateScreenshot method, explained in this tutorial, which works well for small/medium size (I've managed to extract an image up to 1344x756px, of 1.48MB), but when I try to extract a bigger image, nothing happens at all, no matter how long I wait. 


I also tried this playground I found in this topic, and with this scene I can extract images of 5000x5000px.


So does this happen to my scene because it's too big? Any ideas to make it work?


Thank you!

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Wow, you are right! 
The issue only occurs in Chrome, while in Firefox and IE it works perfectly

More specifically, I managed to extract a 6144x3456px (55.4MB) image in Firefox, which is pretty good quality and I definitely can work with that.

So is this some Chrome image limitation issue?

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