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Found 21 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'm trying to accomplish the following task: - When there is a change of state I want to take a screenshot of the canvas, show to the user while the state is changing. Now I read that I should use canvas.toDataURL to obtain the base64 encoded Image. I can't understand the steps to accomplish this task. 1) I save the URL with canvas.toDataURL(). 2) I should convert the base64 to an image right? 3) I should add the Image to the cache OR i Should do a load.image? 4) The operation should be async right? Because in my trying the debugger console is say
  2. Is there any way to render the tilemap layers and get the image? I just want to do a static minimap (it will not display changes in the world). Initially, I tried to do this with a camera that looks at the game world with the ignoring of unnecessary objects. It turned out, but so-so, you need to carefully select the scale that would not be render artifacts. At the moment, the mini-map is in another scene and accordingly it does not have access to the render of another scene, i.e. option with the camera does not work. So I tried using the built-in renderer and its screenshot func
  3. Hi, I wanted to just ask if something is possible before putting in the work and finding out it isn't - Can I use the null engine to generate screenshots with full color? the only reason i am questioning if it is possible is because when i read this, i saw this line - With textureSize, you can define the size of all textures (which will be all black) used by the NullEngine. so does this mean if it is possible to produce a screenshot, will it just be a black image? many thanks, John.
  4. I build a scene and run the following: BABYLON.Tools.CreateScreenshot(engine, scene.activeCamera, 400); The resulting, beautiful 400x400 png is entirely transparent. What could cause this?
  5. Hello Experts I need your Best Guidline I need to know Is it possible to take 3d Model Canvas Screenshot ? And How Its Work can u show me demo ?
  6. Hi. I'm back in bussines , and I have a little question for you. Can I take a scene screenshot without the new GUI? Can I disable it before print and enable it again or something like this? Here is a playground: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#3GPEIL Make width and height 0, or scale each elements it's not a solution. Thank you
  7. Hi, CreateScreenshotUsingRenderTarget gives different result from the canvas and CreateScreenshot. Playground: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#L2RPV8 The wireframe clone is hidden by setting layerMask, but still appears in the image created by CreateScreenshotUsingRenderTarget. CreateScreenshot works. Also, CreateScreenshotUsingRenderTarget of Babylon.js 2.5 works.
  8. I'm trying to screenshot the canvas. I'm using this: BABYLON.Tools.CreateScreenshot(engine, camera, 512) and I just get a white image. Is it still working or do I need to set up the engine in a special way?
  9. styxxx

    Blank screenshots

    Hi, I'm getting blank screenshots only, meaning: a PNG with full transparency. The size is correct though. //Somewhere a scene is loaded var scene = null; BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load('', 'data/data.babylon', engine, function(newScene){ scene = newScene; // some stuff } //Some features like camera, lights are added... // Finally somwhere the render loop engine.runRenderLoop(function(){ scene.render(); }); // and then manually in the js console or via events the screenshot command is triggered: BABYLON.Tools.CreateScreenshot(scene.getEngine(),scene.activeCamera,
  10. Hi everybody ! First of all, I'm not sure if I should begin a new thread or up these ones : http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/19285-create-screenshot-with-post-processing/ http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/17404-babylon-screenshot/ With the new support of WebGL 2 by BabylonJS, I got interested in the multisample render target. Until now, I used my own version of createScreenshotUsingRenderTarget() function which performs MSAA manually (actually, it pixel perfect downscales a 4x bigger renderTargetTexture than the requested size). Now, I would like to rewrite it using the latest a
  11. Hi, Thanks for reading. In my phaser game I need to share the screenshot of the game. Its working perfectly in CANVAS mode but its not working in WEBGL mode. I use the below code to get the screenshot and convert to base64 image. var gl = SequentialTap.game.renderer.gl; var buf = new Uint8Array(SequentialTap.game.width * SequentialTap.game.height * 4); gl.readPixels(0, 0, SequentialTap.game.width, SequentialTap.game.height, gl.RGBA, gl.UNSIGNED_BYTE, buf); // Covert Buffer Array to Base64 Image var binary = ''; var bytes = new Uint8Array(buf); var len = bytes.byteLength; fo
  12. Hola! I wanted to take a screenshot of my game and download it to the user's device. I have this working, almost except that on my iPhone5s in Safari, the downloaded image is upsidedown. To get the screen shot I use my code below (specifically, the toDataURL() function). On my desktop, the downloaded image is oriented the right way. But not in Safari mobile. I don't have Safari Desktop to try it there, so I'm not sure if mobile vs. desktop makes a difference. Has anyone dealt with this? Know of any work arounds? Thank you in advance! saveCanvas : function () { var link = docu
  13. Time to have some fun. Post Screenshots of what you are working. Talk a little about the project if you want. It's a basic TD. And a sprites preview panel to adjust animations fps, hit box, pivot point etc.
  14. Hey Babylon citizens! Hope you all are doing pretty good I'm trying to use Babylon's createscreenshot function in order to get picture from scene at certain position of the camera. And my problem that when I'm using ColorCorrectionPostProcess my screenshot is just black. Without this line - OK. And when I'm also using ParticleSystem it is not shows up on my screenshot. Could it be any issue with that? Or it is just something wrong with my code? Cannot create any PlayGround example because my function uses color palette from file -> var postColorProcessHighCon
  15. Hello guys! So I have a game which is using phaser.CANVAS and what I'm trying to do is the following: When a button is clicked on a particular state, a certain region of the canvas is captured and then displayed it on the canvas at a given location. I've been able to capture the entire canvas using toDataURL() but how do I work with this imageURI? Difficulties: - Cropping the image - Displaying the image without preloading (the image has just been captured) - Saving the image for future use Any input is appreciated. -Kapi
  16. Here I want to show you a slotmachine I build with Phaser. It has a PHP-Backend to generate the games and has a lot of options to make some gamesettings. The slot has 5 wheels with 9 symbols, 4 different autoplayoptions and a fastplay mode. I added a screenshot function, that a user can make a screen, if he gets a big win. You can test the game here: http://adf.ly/1SnFai
  17. Hello everyone! I have this pretty big scene, heavy on polygons and textures, and I need to make a screenshot in high quality. I'm using Tools.CreateScreenshot method, explained in this tutorial, which works well for small/medium size (I've managed to extract an image up to 1344x756px, of 1.48MB), but when I try to extract a bigger image, nothing happens at all, no matter how long I wait. I also tried this playground I found in this topic, and with this scene I can extract images of 5000x5000px. So does this happen to my scene because it's too big? Any ideas to make it work? Thank you
  18. Hi guys, sorry if this has been covered, but I've been going around in circles on Google today. I'm trying to render a selection of objects (screenshot) and resize said render/texture so that I can create a thumbnail. I have successfully been using renderTexture.render(), but I run into problems when calling 'resize' - basically, my texture is cleared. Excuse me if I'm being dumb. See code below. this works... var texture: PIXI.RenderTexture = this.game.add.renderTexture(1024, 768, "key", true);texture.render(container, new PIXI.Point(0, 0), true);//text.resize(width, height, true);
  19. Hello, currently I am trying capture the screen with webgl enabled. The code for this is: keydown: function (key){ (key === '1'){ window.open(game.system.canvas.toDataURL()); }}This opens a new tab with a black rectangle of the same size as the game resolution, but nothing more. A way to make this works? Thanks. I'm using panda.js.
  20. Okay so I figured out how to generate a base64 image out of the canvas, send that base64 string through the network and save it in the server using NodeJS. Now the question is: How to take a screenshot ( .toDataURL( ) ) from just a specific section or phaser group, not the entire canvas. So someone told me in the PixiJs forum that I would need to create a extra canvas, add the content there and then generate the base64 data again using .toDataURL only to that temp canvas. So this is what I am doing. crop:function(){ var copyText = this.photos.generateTexture(1,this.game.renderer);
  21. Hi, I'm trying to make a screenshot from my application with canvas.toDataURL() but I've an empty image in result. Is there a special method to call to achieve that ? My code is very simple : var engine = new BABYLON.Engine(myCanvas);...// Triggered by an eventvar base64 = myCanvas.toDataURL();var img = new Image();img.src = base64;return img;The image is transparent. Is it normal ? How can I create a correct screenshot of the current scene ? Thanks.
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