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Skybox - edge show


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To me, it has nothing change. I always have a side with a white line.

What is strange is that this is not all around the cube that I have this problem. I suppose therefore that this is the textures, but I see nothing abnormal on textures.


I found texture used for those who want.



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I've just looked at the attached image and just want to check a few things. There are some compression artifacts in the image from the forum due to it being a jpg (and jpgs being a lossy format). I recommend using png format if you're not, since that uses lossless compression. If you were using a jpg it would just increase the chances of these skybox artifacts. Also I noticed the dimensions of your image are 1600 x 1200. Have you tried altering them to the nearest powers of 2 eg. 2048 x 1024? That should make life easier for the GPU to perform its scaling without possible rounding errors.


I notice the seams in skyboxes on my home machine quite a lot even on commercial games (particularly the older Unreal games), which I why I tend to prefer to use a sky sphere / hemisphere for my games.

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