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SPS Finished


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I'm happy to announce to you that the first finished version of the SPS in the core is now released.


Everything is documented here with examples, in my bad english :  https://github.com/BabylonJS/Documentation/blob/master/content/tutorials/03_Advanced/Solid_Particle_System.md


Soon here : http://doc.babylonjs.com/overviews/Solid_Particle_System


Have fun :)

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Just for your knowledge :


As with the SPS, all the mesh update computations are done CPU side (when the particles move, these are moving part of the SPS mesh so it is heavily updated), a specific effort has been done on optimizations (thank you, profiler), especially about iterations, early typing, GC and memory allocation concerns

ex : use only one persistent variable/object to store in turn 30 000 results of 30 000 particle computations ... some kind of assembly registers  programmation  :lol: .

My 2007 push-cart laptop computer was really a good guinea pig to find where and how to improve the code. The gains weren't just theorical but really noticed from the experiences on this old machine. If it runs at 60 fps with the expected result here, then it's ok for anyone else ! 


Maybe the code is thus not that readable because it doesn't respect all the conventions of embedding the variables in the function scopes or to have function local temporary variables, but it is the price to pay to gain each microsecond and try to have something in 3D almost as powerful as the 2D Particle System or the Sprite Manager.


I feel happy (and a bit proud too) because, as far as I know, the other 3D frameworks don't have (yet) this feature.

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