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So, Stvsynrj... what's your story?  (if you don't mind me asking)  Can we have a little history on you? 


I've seen you do some amazing things.  The above gorgeous cube, and your godrays work - http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#RAIHJ#7, with post-process - http://synergy-development.fr/elektrik, and flying a torus around a cam - http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#IDIO4#7 ... all big-dog fun stuff!


I was staring at http://synergy-development.fr/elektrik/ a bit, and noticing how much the godray flashes on the outer edges... looks somewhat like in-cloud and cloud-to-cloud lightning flashes.  Would it be possible to make the Electrik demo... work inside the playground?  Would you consider making it for us? 


To me, it doesn't need the torus or the particles, but I would LOVE to learn/play-with your post-process code (esp if it can be put into a playground) and then we could try various godray (VLS) experiments to see how close we could get to that lightning-flash effect.  We don't see many people playing with post-processes, but you have shown us that it is a POWERFUL tool.  The more we can learn about it, the better... and you certainly look like a qualified teacher... on MANY subjects.


All in all, keep hanging-around with us, ok?  :)  You have a nice artsy eye and the tech knowledge to make that art happen.  You already have mini-hero status 'round these parts.  I think you have superhero potential... or you might already be one.

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