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Phaser app Integration?


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Hey guys,


Was going to have a version of my game available as a stand-alone app instead of offering it through web only. And was wondering if it's possible to stick V8 JavaScript + HTML 5 Canvas + Phaser to all work, let's say under a compiled app? (Basically a program you run instead of visiting the website to play)


Edit: I found https://github.com/nwjs/nw.js


I think this is it?

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They both use chromium, so the performance is similar to Chrome.

Chrome running as a browser may consume more RAM than Chromium, but I don't think there will be other significant differences.

The best you have to do is test them both.




The only major difference I found personally was since it was an isolated app, if you had high ram usage, or a lot of chrome tabs open, Phaser ran smoother.


And ofcourse, if you package your game together with all your assets, everything is loaded locally. Thus, saving your webserver with HTTP requests and faster loading times on the clientside.  That's only what I've noticed so far, but as you said nothing really 'significant'. 




Edit: Plus, it's really damn cool opening up an .exe, and your game is like BOOM! Right there, I like that :D

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