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Seeking for a project (Phaser)


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Hello everyone.
i'm seeking  for a phaser-project, want gain experience at html5 gamedev.

About me: Front-end developer(1+ year stage. Angular/JQuery/CSS3+HTML5 etc.), have some skills in pixel art. Newbie at gamedev.
Will work for free about 2-5 hours a day. I'm Your padavan, jedi master!  :) 
my email: [email protected]

Thanks a lot for reading this :3

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Might be a long shot, but If by any chance you're still looking for a project, I could use some coding help on my open source turn based strategy, Ancient Beast.

Website is https://AncientBeast.com - the repository is https://github.com/FreezingMoon/AncientBeast - you can drop by the chat page, I'm around daily quite a lot.

v0.1 Dark Forest.jpg

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