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Babylon Commandline Interface


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Hey ,

this is a verry early stage of a little pythonscript to make the work with Babylon a little bit faster.

Its a CLI wich makes it easy to create a bisc proejct structure ( including a simple webserver ), add basic shapes, include .babylon files and add a prototype class for more complex objects.


Here are the parameters:

new <name> creates a new project

newclass <name> creates a new prototype class in man.js
newplane <name> creates a simple plane in middle of the scene
newcube <name> creates a simple plane in middle of the scene
newmesh <name> imports a new .babylon mesh from the assets Folder

What do you think about it? Whats missing?

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Hi steffenk!  We would use 'newBox' of course.  :D


Sorry for the slow response.  I was hiding under a haystack for the cold Michigan upper peninsula winter, but the weather has been real mild so far, so I emerged, and then discovered your cool idea/project.  I like it.


If I understand this correctly, this could be very useful.  Building basic/starter scenes from a CLI.  Seems like it would have some potential to be dynamic, easy-fast, and quite powerful.  Possibly addCamera and addLight could be used, too.  Maybe bindColor(meshName, someColor) - puts a material on a mesh and sets it to a color.  *shrug*


And, maybe... a runScene command.  :)  Would your CLI commands be writing lines of JS to a file, realtime?  Or would the BJS scene open in a new process right away, and THEN addStuff() commands?  Hmm.  Maybe use chromium so you are within scope of node?  err.  hmm.  Or could the python be used to generate a Blender-exporter-like file... a scene.babylon? 


Heck, I guess all of it could be tried/done.  I like dynamic scene generation.  But really, you would be using Python, to generate JS... that uses the BJS framework to dynamically generate a webGL scene.  At some point, one might consider a webGL framework written IN Python... maybe cut some corners.  :)  I dunno.


Hmm... Python in browsers (to build webGL-with).  Hmm.  SOME talking went on here... http://programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/190273/would-python-be-too-slow-for-client-side-use-in-browsers   *shrug*


Your idea might be a start to a Python-based data visualizer.  You could dynamically generate BabylonJS scenes from nearly any data model/structure.  Interesting! 


Keep us posted! 


Update:  Jerome has a fine LIVE data visualizer (a WAN map?) running at http://jerome.bousquie.fr/ ... using BabylonJS, with git source available.  (drool)

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