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Advice for a graphic designer working with a pixie.hjs programmer team


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Hi everyone. My english grammar is very bad, my apologise in advance.


I'm a graphic designer working in a bingo game for my company, collaborating with the programming team.

We have experience working with java language and exporting Adobe Flash animations, but recently we started a new project in html5, making a bingo game using pixi.js framework.

As graphic designer im in trouble trying to extrapolate Flash animations to pixi.js framework. I want to now if exist some software for graphic edition and export data to pixi.js. I need a non-programmer interface for features like: placing sprites on stage, setting parameters and coordinates, dictate displacements, etc Something like Adobe Flash interface, something non-programmer friendly. Exist something like that? 





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The only animation tool that has export in pixi I know is spine : https://esotericsoftware.com . Sometimes all the scene consists of spine animations made in editor, and some Sprites animated with Tween.js.


I think you should ask these guys: https://github.com/CloudKidStudio/PixiFlash


MightyEditor works with phaser, not pixi: http://mightyfingers.com/

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