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Phaser 2.4 - Dynamic adding background animation


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Hi all, I have this problem.


I have to create a background animation using about 40 jpg. (backgroun1,jpg.....background40.jpg).

Each background image is large like a stage, so about 840 px.


I tried drawing on BitmapData but the size grows too much.


What is the correct way to create a standard animation adding each single frame after loading all images (back1...back40.jpg)?



for (var i=0; i< LOOP_FRAME_COUNT; i++){
  game.load.image(this.game.loopFrameNames, path + "loop/" + this.game.loopFrameNames);


Thanks in advance.

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is there no way you can simplify your backgrounds to use reusable elements eg Tiles, TileSprites, repeated symbols etc? 40 full sized images sounds like a lot to be throwing about. 


when you say animation do you mean the background is static but the frames change? you can try loadTexture but i don't know how fast it will be http://phaser.io/docs/2.4.4/Phaser.Component.LoadTexture.html#loadTexture . does not sound like a good idea 

Calling this method causes a WebGL texture update, so use sparingly or in low-intensity portions of your game, or if you know the new texture is already on the GPU.

have you thought about using video?

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* have simpler assets for mobile

* construct a scene out of smaller moving parts

* I think you can safely use a 2048x2048 texture ... that would presumably let you use 32 frames of  512x256 image without having to switch texture on the gpu.

* potentially use scanline overlay to compensate for using a lower resolution http://creativebits.org/files/horizontal.gif


the best solution depends on your design and target platforms


have a look here


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