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Just throwing this out there, but is it worth a dedicated tutorial/link section in each framework subforum?


I see a lot of small implementation posts that would be covered by links to current tutorials/examples/demos.


I'd see it as a sticky thread, with a sticky post with a contents inside. The contents contains major version headings for the framework and a link to posts within the framework subforum of where the tutorial can be found or an external link. The only requisite for the tutorials would be that they are kept up to date, this can be partly mitigated by moderating the contents post every 6/12 months (obviously adding popular tutorials as they are created) and ditching any that are out-of-date or simply no longer accurate.


This would be a fairly minimal job for a moderator but would add a quality content dictionary to the site for each frameworks supported by the forums.


Conversation about tutorials still happens in the thread that creates the tutorial, the contents thread is simply for posting links to tutorials, which eventually get moderated into the sticky content post at the top of the contents thread.


It seems that there is plenty of content out there regarding examples and tutorials, just that its sometimes hard for users, particularly new users, to find that content.


I'm loathe to suggest each subforum has a huge number of stickies, I'm just mindful that there are a lot of duplicate posts and finding accurate and up-to-date answers to 'regular' questions should be easier. Same could probably be said about plugins for those frameworks.


I'd like to see community moderation, probably via likes, but thats more of a change to how the forum works.


How does everyone feel about this suggestion?

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