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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I'm new to this forum, but I hope you all can help me. I want to make a 3D video game. I want to do it in webGL so it will be easy to share with people. When I message my friends and say "Look at this thing I made!" It's easier to get them to click on a link than to download an executable. That's why I've been reluctant to learn Unity or some other desktop game system, even though I understand they can get better performance. What I'm trying to figure out is: Will webGL work for my idea? I'm having doubts because I put together a little graphics experiment with three.js and I'm not getting good performance at all. The scene I'm rendering is much smaller than I was imagining for my game and the framerate is already tanking. It seems like I'm just drawing too many polygons. I've got about 50K triangles in the scene to get it to look the way I want with all the curved corners and everything. When I query the renderer object, it tells me that about 20K are being rendered at a time. It seems like the automatic frustum culling is already buying me a lot. I want to make big old space ships with long corridors and many rooms to explore. I'm feeling that if half a dozen rooms is taxing the browser like this then I might not be able to do what I want. I could redo this experiment in a few different frameworks and compare the performance and development experience, but I'd like if I could benefit from the expertise of all of you. ? So, what do you think? Is this going to be do-able? Am I going to have an easier time with a different framework like babylon.js? Do you think I am wasting my time with html5 and if I want to run around in a giant 3D space ship then I need a conventional game engine? I don't know the rules for links on this forum, so I hope this is OK. Here's the demo I made that I'm talking about: http://safiina.com/dev/
  2. Hi, so I'm trying make a doodle jump type of a game , so far I've created the infinity world and added 6 ledges. now I want to kill and revive the ledges with the new X and Y coordinates, but somehow can't get it to work. I've managed to kill the ledges as they go out of camera bounds by using (forEachAlive)but got issues with reviving them. I've tried getFisrtDead and reset but nope, cant get it to work. Does anyone know how I could solve this? so this is how I create the platforms: generatePlatforms: function(){ //grouping the platforms platformPool = game.add.group(); platformPool.enableBody = true; var ground = game.add.sprite(0, game.world.height -32 ,'ground' ); platformPool.add(ground); ground.scale.setTo(3,2); ground.body.immovable = true; for (var i= 0; i < 6; i++){ var randomX =game.rnd.integerInRange(0, game.world.width -50); var randomY = game.world.height -100 *i; ledge = game.add.sprite(randomX,randomY,'ground'); platformPool.add(ledge); ledge.scale.setTo(0.3,0.3); ledge.body.immovable =true; } }, and this is how I kill the ledges under the update function: platformPool.forEachAlive(function(el){ var platformYMin = el.y; if(el.inCamera == false){ el.kill(); } },this); Thanks in advance
  3. Greetings everyone! I'm new on this HTML5 game development world! I am a 2D artist and my team was working on JAVA (Libgdx). Now a new project came in and it is for web. We need some advice at the moment of choose the Framework to use... we looked to PixiJS because it has the better Spine (updated to its last version :D) support we've found and the showcase in its page is amazing! But reading here and there, it is said that Pixi JS is just a renderer whereas Phaser is a complete game engine. Then we found Phaser is using a very old version of Pixi.. and even Phaser 3 is droping Pixi for an own renderer... We read about some important drops of fps on games made with Phaser 2.x on mobile systems... and read about the nice rendering capabilities of PixiJS. so... many wild questions appeared. Those amazing games at the showcase at the Pixi JS 4 are enterly made with it? What do we have to keep on mind when developing a game with PixiJS? Should we have to consider a 3rd option? (Having on mind that Spine support is very important to us). Thanks and I hope to learn a lot from you guys
  4. Actually surprised this topic didn't exist yet. With all the great technologies around and well-qualified devs behind them there are many examples to look at. I'll just quickly go through things I'm the most aware of. Feel free to add any others which you know about. I consider myself a programmer mostly, so will go with tech-based approach, grouping things by framework/engine principle. (That's where 'Tools' in the topic name came from.) Flambe I'm starting with it since HTML5 is the main Flambe target and there's even this topic here: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/3816-80-html5-games-on-the-flambe-haxe-showcase/ Though I never properly tried Flambe myself (not a big fan of ECS), that's surely a tool that can be used to achieve great results. Check this article for example: https://medium.com/@mknol/building-42-games-within-a-year-insane-game-development-5340d506068f Obviously there is a mighty OpenFL HTML5 showcase: http://www.openfl.org/showcase/html5/. Well, honestly, I think it wants to be updated. But what really caught my eye recently is this 3D racing demo: http://community.openfl.org/t/html5-3d-racing-game/8663 If you're into more low-level stuff, you've probably heard of Kha framework. Some 2D games to look at, made by Wy Leong with his custom 2D game engine (https://github.com/laxa88/wyngine): https://wyleong.itch.io/pollen https://wyleong.itch.io/hurdles https://wyleong.itch.io/adventuroads https://wyleong.itch.io/flappy-soot Some more 3D? Sure: http://luboslenco.com/ld/33_dungeons_deep/ luxe Is another engine that I never looked closely at (shame on me!) I guess the most notable examples are WebGL ports of QWOP http://www.foddy.net/Athletics.html?webgl=true and Threes http://play.threesgame.com And now I'm gonna take a break just to add more info later when I have time. There are still many wonderful tools (and games made with them) to be mentioned: HaxeFlixel HaxePunk Heaps Genome2D Externs for JS libraries So please don't hesitate to post you projects here while I'm gathering more info and preparing another big topic . P.S. Not sure why this subforum is quite silent. Probably just not the place where haxe devs hang out. Let's see if it's possible to liven things up a bit.
  5. I'm looking to continue my 12 year off and on hobby of game development. I'm a professional web developer now, but I have yet to make a web game. I'd like to make things a bit more modular and isolated than my previous work. I think MVC will help. I'd like to have the Model (the game simulation with all game logic, physics, etc.) in it's own web worker. The View would get a feed of basic state information out of it for rendering, camera, audio, etc. The Controller would react to the user and send information back to the Model. The View would have no information to send to the Model. I'm planning strategy games more than twitchy action games, so I think having the Model in a separate web worker, will actually be better for performance. A bit of input lag is more acceptable than a low frame-rate. If the Model -> View communication includes velocities, the frame-rate of the view can even be decoupled from the frame-rate of the Model. Plus if I move to start working on multi-player networking, the Model -> View communication can just be more or less duplicated for Server -> Client My favourite language has always been Python, and I used to loath JavaScript, but the newer ECMAScripts are correcting my biggest gripes, and ultimately I'd really like to work more with Typescript. Finally, I think I'm going for 2D because I'm not working with any 3D animators and my game play ideas are not really enhanced with by a third dimension. So I have a few concerns It seems there's a lot of poor opinions about MVC in games around here, but it seems perfect for strategy games to me. Is my approach really ill founded? I might find myself working against a broader framework like Phaser or Kiwi. Should I just stick Pixi in the View and a physics engine in my Model, or would a broader framework solve more problems than they create for me? It seems like Phaser is the popular choice, but I wonder if perhaps my use of Typescript and MVC might make Kiwi or something else the better choice?
  6. Just throwing this out there, but is it worth a dedicated tutorial/link section in each framework subforum? I see a lot of small implementation posts that would be covered by links to current tutorials/examples/demos. I'd see it as a sticky thread, with a sticky post with a contents inside. The contents contains major version headings for the framework and a link to posts within the framework subforum of where the tutorial can be found or an external link. The only requisite for the tutorials would be that they are kept up to date, this can be partly mitigated by moderating the contents post every 6/12 months (obviously adding popular tutorials as they are created) and ditching any that are out-of-date or simply no longer accurate. This would be a fairly minimal job for a moderator but would add a quality content dictionary to the site for each frameworks supported by the forums. Conversation about tutorials still happens in the thread that creates the tutorial, the contents thread is simply for posting links to tutorials, which eventually get moderated into the sticky content post at the top of the contents thread. It seems that there is plenty of content out there regarding examples and tutorials, just that its sometimes hard for users, particularly new users, to find that content. I'm loathe to suggest each subforum has a huge number of stickies, I'm just mindful that there are a lot of duplicate posts and finding accurate and up-to-date answers to 'regular' questions should be easier. Same could probably be said about plugins for those frameworks. I'd like to see community moderation, probably via likes, but thats more of a change to how the forum works. How does everyone feel about this suggestion?
  7. Hi everyone, I'm searching a framework or engine js for create a game like travian (obviously more small and experimental). I don't know if is better to use frameworks in base to CANVAS or just JavaScript using Divs, images and CSS. To level of graphics should be simple, without much collisions and interactions between object in the scenario. I was searching ideas like the following: http://rotates.org/phaser/iso/ some recomendation or idea? Thanks and I hope your help
  8. Hello! I'm new to this forum and I've been reading through different topics and looking for comparisons between the different frameworks but I can't decide where too go with this. I know how to program but I've never done games. I would like to know from experts voice and from people who already did projects like the ones i'm looking forward to develop which is the framework I should be looking at. I want to develop simple 2D games, nothing with too many design, games like space is the key or flappy bird. I want to be able to publish the games to google play and to the app store and also being able to add ads to he games to earn some money if possible. I've been looking at Phaser, PandaJS and Hexa. Which one do you suggest to use? Thanks,
  9. Hello, I have been creating simple online 2d apps for the last few years. I started out in flash and now find myself doing only HTML5 canvas development. Because of my background I am using the createjs library which has really seem so many improvements over the last year and makes the transition to js quite seemless. Phaser is a good looking framework but not all of my projects suit it. I have also been implementing my own MVC design pattern which I had been using in flash. It basically sets up a model and controller as singletons and dispatches events via an eventDispatcher. There are a few things that I am still unsure about starting out a project and I hope to find some of the answers here. By using my MVC approach I have to spend quite a lot of time setting up my project and I am looking at other built frameworks that might help speed this process up. What is the best approach when doing a canvas app? Should all assets be part of the canvas like game overlay screens or should those screen be divs in the HTML that exist above the canvas? I have implemented projects both ways but don't see which is better. Even when implementing my MVC pattern I find that my projects can start to fall over when they get bigger so I have been looking at Backbone and Angular but not sure which framework is better for canvas development. I guess that it the game overlay screens mentioned above are divs then Angular could work. Anyone been there done that? Any and all feedback is welcome, Thanks.
  10. Hi Everybody, I am an experienced web developer, mostly done backend stuff in python and some server admin. I have some experience in frontend/ javascript as well and I wanted to dive into HTML5 game development. I really love this game - http://www.y8.com/games/10_seconds. I want to built this game in HTML5. Can anyone guide me regarding -. Which framework should I go with Any basics development book. I think this game is not very complex, isnt it?Thanks
  11. There are so many options. But what are the best. Isn't it possible to use a single framework ? What are the best combinations ? How about JQuery + CreateJS ? Vishwas
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