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Loader progress for texture atlas?


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Hi I am using Texture Packer to create texture atlases and loading them in (which Pixi's loader supports): https://github.com/kittykatattack/learningPixi#loadingatlas


It works fine but I am now creating a preloader for my game and noticed that the "progress" only tracks the progress for the json file not the images the json file loads.


So when I do this: 

loader.add(atlas_dir + 'main_menu_0.json').on('progress', loadProgressHandler).load(setup);function loadProgressHandler(loader, resource) {console.log('loading: ' + resource.url);console.log('progress: ' + loader.progress + '%');console.log('loading: ' + resource.name);loadingText.text = 'Loading ' + Math.round(loader.progress) + '%';renderer.render(stage);}

The progress handler shows 100% complete and runs setup as soon as the JSON is done loading but the sprite sheet in main_menu_0.json will still be loading if I emulate a slow connection.


Any idea what to do here?

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Yeah the loader normally will handle cases like this, and not hit 100% until all resources are loaded (including discovered files from atlases) but there is one exception to that rule: if you load *only* one single atlas.


A fix is to redesign the loader to not treat resources as complete until all subresources are completed, I've thought about this problem but haven't had time to reimplement the loading queue. In the meantime, this should feel better as you add more resources.

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