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Skeleton and bones tutorial?


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Hi again!


Please advice me - how rules i must use for creating armature in blender for use in babylon.js scenes.


1. Now i create armature and 3 simple bones system. Attach controller and setting up bones.

2. Create IK-constraint for bones
2. Create animation for controller, it's ok.

3. Export from blender and import to BJS scene. In file all bones and skeleton is saved. Also controller animation.

4. Controller animation can play ("CTRL" cube), but mesh \ bone system is not bended.


BJS not support constraints? Ok, but how make pretty samples BlueLady and etc demos?

Moving every bone manually and set keys? Then every bones convenient make separate, not compile in armature system.

And perhaps exist tool in blender for make keys for every bone automaticaly?

Trap and dark forest :)


How make it properly? Sorry for dumb quest, but i dig forum, dig tutorial and not see, what i can do with this :(

Perhaps need small punch in right direction. Help please!!!

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