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Phaser 1.1.2 Released


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Here we go with the next update. Not a bad change-list really! 1.1.3 is likely to be around 3 weeks away and we'll focus on some of the larger changes internally for that (better State management for example).


Here's the full change list:

Version 1.1.2 - November 1st 2013

  • New: You'll now find a complete Basic project Template in the resources/Project Templates folder. Will add more complex ones soon.
  • New: Phaser.Button now has the ability to set over/out/up/down sound effects so they play automatically based on those events.
  • New: Added init method to plugins, to be called as they are added to the PluginManager (thanks beeglebug)
  • New: Physics.Body now has a center property (issue 142, thanks MikeMnD)
  • New: Lots of fixes across Full Screen Mode support. Input now works, scaling restores properly, world scale is correct and anti-alias support added.
  • New: Added Group.cursor. This points to the first item added to a Group. You can move the cursor with Group.next() and Group.previous().
  • New: Added Tween.isTweening(object) to check if an object is currently being tweened or not (thanks mikehamil10)
  • New: Added getMagnitude, setMagnitude, normalize and isZero methods to Point (thanks beeglebug)
  • New/Change: Group.callAll now supports nested functions and a context, making it really powerful!
  • Updated: Fixed a few final bugs in the Sprite body and bounds calculations, in turn this resolved the Tilemap collision issues in the 1.1 release.
  • Updated: Finished documentation for the Phaser.Button class.
  • Updated: Fixed the Invaders game sample and enhanced it.
  • Updated: Fixed the Star Struck game sample and enhanced it.
  • Updated: If you pause an Animation, when you next play it it'll resume (un-pause itself).
  • Updated: hexToRGB now accepts short hex codes (#EEE) (thanks beeglebug)
  • Updated: State functions (preload, update, render, etc) are now passed the current game as a parameter (thanks beeglebug)
  • Updated: If your game is running in Canvas (not WebGL) you can now set Stage.backgroundColor to rgba style CSS strings, allowing for semi-transparent game backgrounds.
  • Updated: event.preventDefault() has been added to all Mouse event handlers.
  • Updated: Sprite.deltaX/Y removed due to non-use. prevX/Y values moved to Sprite._cache.prevX/Y.
  • Updated: Due to missing extends parameter the Sprite prototype was picking up functions from classes it never meant to (Button, TilemapLayer), now fully isolated.
  • Fixed issue 135 - Added typeof checks into most ArcadePhysics functions to avoid errors with zero values.
  • Fixed issue 136 - distanceTo using worldX/Y instead of x/y.
  • Fixed lots of examples where the cursor keys / space bar were not locked from moving the browser page (if you find any more, please tell us!)
  • Fixed issue 149 - Starling XML files now load properly again, also created an Example to show use of them (thanks haden)
  • Fixed an issue where if the Starling XML file didn't contain a frameX/Y value it would crash on import.
  • Fixed the Multiple Animations Example - it's now a lovely underwater scene :)
  • Fixed issue 141 - If a Sprite is dragged and you release the Pointer while not over the Sprite, it will think it's still over it (thanks Paratron)
  • Fixed issue 88 - Incorrect game.input.x/y values on click with scaled stage (thanks DrHackenstein)
  • Fixed issue 143 - Entering full screen mode made the Input x/y coordinates go wrong.
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It seems that on Phaser Basic Project Template there are some missing points:


In index.html it's missing a reference for Phaser.

<script src="phaser.js"></script>

In Boot.js it seems the following line is missing

this.game = game;


BasicGame.Boot = function (game) {};


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Hmm I should have called then "Code Templates" not "Project Templates" - it appears as if people were expecting to be able to just run the project and not have to actually do any work, which is unfortunate. I'll see about revising them but for now it's a way to structure code, not a fully working template (not that it would require much to make it one).


Dang_Khoa - please file a bug report on github so someone can look at it, cheers.

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