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Perf on mobile


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If you want to display the fps meter in chrome at will without changing the flags, just do this :

open the dev tools console

then in the Console bottom part, there are 3 tabs : console, emulation, rendering

click Rendering

check Show FPS meter


the fps meter will be displayed only with this console, not permanently

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Hi. Now there's only 1 material and I removed the hemisphere-light, bjs canvas is resized to fit screen.


Now there are 1000 rotating boxes.


Bjs: 5 fps


Threejs: 25 fps.


Bjs with instances instead of clones: 20 fps.


Three js with own geometry for each box and Bjs new Mesh instead of clones: (should be an identical scene then)


Bjs: 5 fps


Threejs: 25 fps. <--- not true, it's 15 fps


I don't know if this "benchmark" is meaningful at all. But for me it seems that in Bjs there's a litte CPU overhead?


I would have no problems with the performance of Bjs, but I want to do a really minimalistic game and for that I don't need much of the features, so I tried to do the same I did with Bjs with pure WebGL, and that was much faster. Then I tested out three.js and it performs near as well as pure WebGL.


UPDATE: I made some errors. First, 25 fps are 15 fps. And I had a typo with checkOnlyOnce is checkReadyOnlyOnce.


Now I get bjs 9 fps and three.js 15 fps. ;)

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the twitter guy updated the two initial links and added a FPS meter

Now there are 1000 boxes, one material. The 3js version is faster on my old laptop than the bjs one (25 fps / 55 fps)


I'm not sure that the canvas size (what has a real big impact on the render performance) is really the same currently in the two (bjs / 3js) demos

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BTW guys, I've found that FireFox android is faster than chrome. To profile FireFox mobile you have to Bluetooth / USB to your PC then you can profile it on your PC. I had to do that for a site I built recently to see why it wasn't working right on FireFox.


I'll test it on FireFox mobile later if someone doesn't beat me to it, but it's worth looking there too.



Maybe this is a moot point since DK found another problem...

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When I unfold some consuming method calls, I just can notice that render is always the final call that consumes quite all the part of each call.


In brief, with this profile, I can just notice that render is the most consuming call in every case.


This has been monitored for about 18 s

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