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Interface questions


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Hello again, i am still not quite far in developing with babylon.js. Most people here are deep into programming, but i can´t build connections between interaction and 3D Webgl publishing.

What would be the absolute easiest way to produce interface ? 


I learned how to make and use actions. Thats good so far, but i wanted to build a small clickable icon bar on the bottom of my Babylon.js div container. Since i don´t have deep basic knowledge, 

i don´t know how to begin with (again). 


This is cool. 



But from what i can guess is that you can´t design this button in some way or another or to use a picture instead of a button. Correct me if i am wrong.


Bgui would be perfect to use i guess, but i can´t connect it to my previous learned stuff. 




This documentation gives me a lot of questions to begin with. 




var gui = new bGUI.GUISystem(scene, 1200, 780);


Where do i have to put this in ? Inside the babylon code ? How to register actions to bgui interface ?


I know babylon.js is for programmers and not for designers. But i was so interested in this technology but its damn hard to get it to work. Simple interface is all that is missing to be able to create simple presentations. Perhaps its only me - I could work with html overlay for sure - but i need to know how the communication between html5 and babylons actionmanager works. Would be so great to have a tutorial just for that. 


Anyway, for any help on this, big thanks in advance.



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Hello Digitalgames,


Welcome to our comunity, and congratulations in chosing babylon.js for your WebGL framework.


I wouldn't look at any other solutions whatsoever, except for the available extensions to build GUIs quickly and simply into BJS - with the two which I believe are the most functional and tested which ar the CasterGUI extension and the bGUI extension. these have saved me countless hours of time, as well as to prove dialogue boxes, controls, and beautifuly designed GUIs which maintain sped and fuction even with an application I have using dozens of buttons, custom controls, and funstions which provide the user with intuitive tools to use the application. And if you are building a game, then even better, as this would be far simler than what I've been personally working on which is an aplication which has many functions and features beyond the controls for any game I've been involved in building in the past.


So I would look at the features and usage of both the CastorGUI and bGUI extension, and choose which ever appears to fooer the functionality you require for your application, as well as the many examples you can now find by searching the furum posts and using the new playground search tool. And in ddition, you have bothe Dad72 and Temechon who are on this forum almost daily, and will assist you with whatever guidance you might need within reason - and they are masters in their own right as exteremly experienced and compitent developers in the babylon.js framework as well as other languages - so they will be able to provide assistance to almost make certain that you will complete your application (within reason) and/or drect you to wherever you will be able to find the answers you may need at this early stage in the learning curve for babylon.js - which from my experience, is the shortest path to learning an extremely powerful content creation framework which I have personally ever been involved with - as well as an entire community of users such as myself who are all your friends now, and will assist you in any way we can.


So do your research, and choose one of these two extensions, as this is what I have done initially, and now certainly recommend, and I'm also certain others on this forum will recommend the same. And if you put in the time, the payoff wil be a great reward, and you'll find a whole new group of friends here for the long run. 


Best of luch to you, and again, welcome to Babylon.  :D





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As dbawel said, have a look at CastorGUI (dad72's extension) and bGUI (Temechon's extension).

Other piece of info : ActionManager is for launching actions directly from the interaction with the 3D objects, while a GUI is for launching that actions from a button (for instance).

You define what you want to do, and then decide if this should be initiated from 3d directly or from a GUI component. Then you code your action (could be a different way in both cases) and you call it either from a new Action or from the GUI.

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