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My game doesn't work in firefox.


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So my game works perfectly in chrome/chromium, but in firefox the second your done selecting your tank the tank floats in the air and nothing happens.
I am not sure why, to be honest I have a lot of code in the game so it could been numerous things, my main worry were tweens but I am not sure. Any ideas or thoughts on how to figure this out?

link to game: http://aerialdrop.madgizmo.com/ <- signing up is really simple, using bcrypt for password hashing.

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hmmmmm, interesting, I use Arch Linux and Gentoo (firefox on both won't run the game past selecting the mech, the mech floats in the air and the hud doesn't get finished). I will have to test it on Windows. Thank you stupot for testing.

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In one of my game, i had a strange issue on one tablet: a phaser object (the sprite position if i remember) was sometimes null in the upate function. Never understand why. 

I've finally test object before using it. 


So i think you'll have to log objects states (null or not) at each step to find who is causing you brain pain  ;)

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